Travel Tips in Hoi An, Vietnam


Cellphone Bands
GSM 900, GSM 1800
V ( Hz)
Power Outlet Types

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  • Police


    Hoi An Emergency Numbers should always be carried along in case you are traveling to Hoi An. One never knows when one may be in dire need of the emergency numbers especially while staying in this province.

  • Ambulance


  • Fire Brigade



  • Sercurity

    While violent crimes against tourists are virtually unheard of in Hoi An, petty theft and pick-pocketing remains an issue. This can be almost entirely avoided by keeping your valuables concealed and your bags on hand at all times. Women rarely encounter problems when travelling alone, but all visitors should exercise caution when walking around the city at night. Vietnam is a politically stable nation, but corruption remains a major problem. Double-pricing for tourists for everything from a train ticket to a bowl of noodles is standard.

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