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The classified Cultural Heritage of Hoi An Ancient Town is a marvel of centuries of preservation and propagation. The Hoi An Ancient Town that measures a good 60 Sq Km in area is located in the Hoi An City of Vietnam. Located on the banks of the Thu Bon River, it was a place where several cultures merged to bring about the unique heritage that it has today. What is more important than this is the fact that this coalesced culture has survived several centuries of flux to remain uncorrupt and grow over time. The Hoi An Ancient Town site is located 30 Km away from Vietnam’s fourth largest city Danang.

Renowned as Fai Fo in the ancient days, Hoi An was a trading hub and also a significant and convenient stopover for tradesmen and merchants who were mostly bound for and from China. And so this town metamorphosed into a port town for Southeast Asian trade. In fact, remnants of trading houses, club-houses of merchants and many other such structures indicated to the past that the Hoi An Ancient Town is steeped in.

One of the most famous of these is the Emperor Kwang’s Shrine. Established between the 15th and the 19th centuries, the Hoi An Ancient Town also houses remnants of a Japanese settlement in the form of excavated Imari Ceramic wares. Another direct result of the many cultures that permeated the Hoi An Ancient Town are the enormous numbers of temples, shrines, pagodas, assembly halls and other prominent establishments. Not just prominent buildings, but also common houses and shops in the Hoi An Ancient Town stand testimony of it. Most of them are Vietnamese structures with doses of Chinese design and Japanese styles thrown in for good measure.

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