Currency of Hoi An, Vietnam

Main Currency

Viet Nam Dong Viet Nam Dong (VND), symbol:


Currency Convertor

Tips and Advice

For currency usage, it is advisable to bring US currency to Hoi An. US currency is widely accepted at all places in Hoi An. Yet it would be a good idea to change some of the currency to Vietnamese dong (VND). Do remember that the local authority is also encouraging the locals to use VND. With VND, there is also more room for bargain!

Credit Card

Many hotels here don't accept credit card so prepair enough cash. If they do, you may well be charged the extra 3% as the transaction is processed by the payee's bank the same way as a credit card.But most restaurants take cash only, almost all tailors accept credit cards.

Money Changers

Sorry, no exchanges found.

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