Festivals in Hanoi, Vietnam

  • New Year Eve

    • 1 Jan 2014

    The Gregorian calendar is observed for business and government purposes, hence Hanoi residents enjoy a public holiday on the first of January and a chance to relax and enjoy socialising with family and friends.

  • Tet Festival

    • 29 Jan 2014–5 Feb 2014

    Marks the beginning of the new lunar year and is fervently celebrated among locals in Hanoi. Businesses close on these days and family gatherings often include national foods.

  • Co Loa Festival (Annually held after Tet Holiday)

    • 5 Feb 2014–14 Feb 2014

    Co Loa district of the city celebrates this vibrant festival which honours An Duong Vuong, the historic figure said to have established the first kingdom in the area now known as Vietnam. Locals enjoy a variety of activities including a street procession, wrestling competitions, cockfighting contests and displays of traditional Cheo theatre.

  • Trieu Khuc Festival

    • 9 Feb 2014–11 Feb 2014

    Trieu Khuc village in Thanh Tri district of Hanoi is the setting for this annual festival which honours King Phung Hung, an 8th century ruler who is believed to be the village guardian. Locals stage traditional dragon and unicorn dances in the centre of the village.

  • Dong Festival

    • 1 Mar 2014–31 Jan 2014

    Gia Lam district honours the legendary Vietnamese warrior known as Dong Genius. Locals pay tribute to Dong’s memory by staging a mock battle to represent the fierce combat he faced against the Chinese. There are also presentations of the traditional art of water puppetry.

  • Dong Nhan Temple Festival

    • 3 Mar 2014–6 Mar 2014

    Hanoi’s Dong Nhan village enjoys three days of lively celebrations which include, among other things, processions, dancing displays and a human chess game.

  • Thay Pagoda Festival

    • 5 Apr 2014–7 Apr 2014

    Quoc Oai district is the setting for this festival which honours To Dao Hanh, the patron saint of water puppets. Thay Pagoda is the setting for religious ceremonies and traditional water puppet performances during the festivities.

  • Le Mat Festival

    • 23 Apr 2014

    Le Mat village in Hanoi’s Gia Lam district is the setting for this lively festival which celebrates Ly Thai Tong’s victory over the giant snake during his period as king (1072 to 1127). The locals re-enact the legendary battle as well as presenting snake dances and holding a water procession through the streets of the village.

  • Chem Temple Festival

    • 14 Jun 2014–16 Jun 2014

    The Red River at Thuy Phuong in Tu Lien district is the setting for a colourful dragon boat procession and lively boat race. In other parts of the village caged doves are released in order to make merit, while some of the locals show off their talent in kite-flying contests.

  • Mid Autumn Festival

    • 8 Sep 2014

    This popular lunar calendar festival is a celebration of the arrival of the autumn moon and is marked by locals with family get-togethers and the giving of gifts to children. As is also customary in China, Vietnamese citizens prepare and consume moon-shaped cakes. Additionally, a variety of festive events take place in the street.

  • Do Son Buffalo Festival

    • 9 Sep 2014

    The village of Do Son outside of Hanoi is the setting for this annual affair in which buffaloes are pitted against one another in a battle to the death. Ironically, the winner is ceremonially decapitated, so both beasts meet unfortunate outcomes.

  • Vong Thi Festival

    • 1 Oct 2014–2 Oct 2014

    This local festival is held at Vong Thi Pagoda in Vong Thi village (Ba Dinh district) and sees a variety of festive activities including cockfighting contests and traditional music performances.

  • Ung Thien Communal House Festival

    • 26 Nov 2014

    Held on the 26th day of the ninth lunar month at Lang Thuong, Lang Trung and Lang Ha in Dong Da district, locals honour various goddesses with religious rites which include statue washing and the making of offerings of food and incense.

  • Festival Arômesa

    • 1 Dec 2014–2 Dec 2014

    The Sofitel Metropole Hanoi hotel is the setting for this food-based event which sees top chefs from around the world assemble to give talks and presentations.

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