Shopping in Bangkok, Thailand


  • Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market

    Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market, set in a relaxing spot out in Bangkok's rural far western reaches, boasts a colourful atmosphere and some outstanding food.


  • BOSS Sukhumvit Custom Tailor

    At Boss Tailor, we have hundreds of fabrics to choose from. We specialize in making tailored made suits, shirts and alterations for every gentleman as well as for women. Boss Sukhumvit has been in the custom tailoring business for over 40 years now in Sukhumvit Bangkok. Our passion for bespoke tailoring has helped us become one of the best custom tailor shops in Sukhumvit, Bangkok. Our authentic bespoke suits and shirts are tailored from the finest fabrics which come at affordable prices. Our attention to every detail allows us to deliver bespoke suits/shirts that fit you perfectly and goes best with your look. So, get in touch now! We would be delighted to be your best custom tailor in Bangkok.


  • Siam Center

    Siam Center is a shopping center in Bangkok, Thailand. Siam Center was built in 1973 and was one of Bangkok's first shopping malls.

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