Currency of Taipei, Taiwan

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Taiwan New Dollar Taiwan New Dollar (TWD), symbol: NT$


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Taiwan’s currency is the New Taiwanese Dollar (TWD or NT/NTD). Bills come in denominations of NT50, NT100, NT200, NT500, NT1000 and NT2000, while coins come in units of NT1, NT5, NT10 and NT50.

TWD is the only legal currency to purchase in Taiwan, other currencies, like US dollars or RMB, will not be accepted except in some duty-free shops.

Money Changer

If you get to the airport during normal working hours, the money exchange booths should be open. The rates at the airport are more or less comparable to banks in the city, so you might as well exchange money at the airport for the sake of convenience.

It is a good idea to exchange at least 10,000 NT as this gives you enough for the shuttle bus, cabs, food, and any other unexpected expenses you may encounter your first week.

The banking infrastructure in Taipei is excellent, and multiple forms of currency are traded by financial institutions and money lenders. For this reason, most travellers wait to do their bank when they arrive in Taipei, where local exchange rates typically trump international rates. A little inconvenience because banks here close at 15:30

Money Changers

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