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  • Having invested vast sums in its public transport infrastructure, Singapore is undoubtedly the easiest city in Asia to get around. With a typical mixture of far-sighted social planning and authoritarianism, the government has built, and continues to extend, its Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) rail system and its road network.
  • If you’re going to be using public transport heavily, buy the TransitLink Guide ($2.50 from MRT ticket offices), listing all bus and MRT routes. Maps show the surrounding areas for all MRT stations, including bus stops.
  • For online bus information, including a searchable bus guide and the useful IRIS service (which tells you in real time when your next bus will arrive), see


  • Singapore’s extensive bus service

    Needless to say, clean, efficient and regular, reaching every corner of the island. Bus fares range from 90c to $1.80 (less with an ez-link card). When you board the bus, drop the exact money into the fare box (no change is given), or tap your ez-link card or Tourist Pass on the reader as you board, then again when you get off.

    For information, contact SBS Transit (1800 287 2727).

  • Train operator SMRT

    Runs three free shuttle buses (11am to 10pm Saturday and Sunday, every 8 minutes) on three routes: Dhoby Ghaut MRT station to Little India, Dhoby Ghaut MRT station to Chinatown, and Outram Park MRT station to Chinatown.

    SMRT also runs two late-night weekend bus services running between the city and the suburbs: Nite Owl ($3 flat fare, midnight to 4am Friday and Saturday) and NightRider ($3 flat fare, 11.30pm to 4.30am Friday and Saturday). See the website for route details.


  • Comfort and CityCab CabLink

    6552 1111

  • Premier Taxis

    6363 6888

  • SMRT Cabs

    6555 8888


  • Mass rapid transit (MRT)

    The superb MRT subway system is the easiest, quickest and most comfortable way to get around Singapore. In the inner city, the MRT runs underground, emerging overground out towards the suburban housing estates.

    Fares & Fare Cards

    Single-trip tickets cost from $1.10 to $1.90 (plus a $1 refundable deposit), but if you’re using the MRT a lot it can become a hassle buying and refunding tickets for every journey. A lot more convenient is the ez-link card ($15, including a $5 non-refundable deposit), which you can top up as necessary and use on all buses and trains.

    Alternatively, a Singapore Tourist Pass ( offers unlimited train and bus travel ($8) for one day.

    Operating Hours

    The system operates from 5.30 AM to midnight, with trains at peak times running every three minutes, and off-peak every six minutes.

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Distance unit
Metric (km/h)
Traffic system
Left-hand drive

Traffic Patterns

Singaporeans drive on the left-hand side of the road


it is compulsory to wear seat belts in the front and back of the car


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