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Application for a temporary visitor's visa must be made in person. In the case of a minor under eighteen (18) years of age, the application may be made for him by a person who, in the opinion of the consular officer, is responsible for his/her welfare. The minor, not an infant in arms, shall be required to appear at the Consulate for interview, together with the person making the application for him/her.

Applicants for temporary visitor's visa should normally apply at the Philippine Embassy or Consulate that has jurisdiction over their place of residence. While some visa applicants may apply at any Philippine Embassy or Consulate abroad, others are only allowed to apply his/her visa at the Philippine Embassy or Consulate in his country of origin or legal residence.

The following are the minimum requirements for applying a temporary visitor's visa:

Passport/Travel Document Valid for at least six (6) months beyond the intended period of stay in the Philippines;

Duly Accomplished Visa application forms;

Passport Photos (2 pieces);

Proof of bona fide status as tourist or businessman;

Confirmed tickets for return or onward journey to the next port of destination; and

Payment of Visa Fees


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    Natalio Bacalso Ave, Lungsod ng Cebu, Philippin

    The most popular destination outside Cebu City is the southern dive spot of Moalboal. The Cebu South bus station is a short taxi ride from downtown (around P30), otherwise take the Basak-Colon, Urgello- Colon or Labangon-Colon-Pier jeepney for P5. From here, there are buses leaving all day for Argao (P55, two hours), Bato and Lilo-an (via Oslob; P75, five hours), Toledo (P40, three hours) and Moalboal (via Carcar; P65, three hours).

    If you're after a public bus north, the Cebu North bus station, servicing several bus lines, has rather inconveniently shifted out to Mandaue, a 15-minute, P75 taxi ride from uptown. A Mabolo-Carbon or Mandaue- Cebu City jeepney will take you there, and bring you back into town. The station is on Wireless St, in the desolate Reclamation Area.

    Rough Riders buses to Maya, the gateway town for boats to Malapascua, run from 6am to 6pm (P100, 4½ hours, every half hour).

    At the north station you'll also find Phil-Cebu Bus Lines (usually called CBL) buses to Hagnaya, the gateway town to Bantayan Island. They leave up to seven times daily, from 7.30am to 5pm (P80, around three hours). Some other bus companies only go as far as Bogo (P60, 2½ hours), where you must take a tricycle to Hagnaya pier (P40, 20 minutes). The last boat departs Hagnaya for Bantayan at 6.30pm.

    If you are heading to Malapascua Island and your accommodation is in uptown Cebu, you can jump on a bus at Ayala Center, get off at Bogo and catch a bus to Daan Bantayan (P30, one hour) and a hubel-hubel to Maya pier (P30, 20 minutes). The last regular service is usually around 5pm.

    If you want to do some sightseeing along the coast, you can hop off on the way and wait for another bus to come. Waving one down from the highway is usually not a problem, although they'll often be standing room only.

    For both northern and southern destinations, there are also air-con vans departing from the White Gold Terminal (232 7501; Pier 4, Reclamation Area). They have no schedules, but leave when the van is half to three-quarters full, so if you're the first seated, you may have to wait. Air-conditioned and with fewer passengers, these are a faster, cushier way to get around. Rates are up to 30% higher than the bus.


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    Airport Road, Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu 6016, Philippin

    Airlines: [, ]

    The airport has several facilities: There are just over the customs control a big store with the ability to buy duty free, are also a restaurant and a gift shop available. The Cebu Pacific Counter is also located there. Particularly interesting is the massage parlor, in which all passengers can enjoy a massage before or after flying for a fee. It also offers an Pharmacy.

    When arriving from International Flights or Domestic Flights , when you walk outside the doors, that is the area for the Airport Taxi and for the Pick Up of Tour Agencies.. They are no meter taxi available in that area.. You have to go across the road and walk down the corridor and you will come to the place where the meter taxi are at..

    They is a Airport tax ( Terminal Fee ) that has to be paid for departures.. It is P 550 for International Flights, and P 200 for Domestic Flights..

    Make sure and get at the Airport at least one hour before you departure time.. Things move a little slower here in PI, then what foreigners are used to in other airports.

    If your arrival is late or very early, do not expect many airport facilities to be open.. They run the airport facilities justthe same as the outside. They close and open at scheduled times.. So if you are needing to exchange money, or buy a load for phone, or something important. Please remember to do that before.

    If departing from the Domestic Terminal, watch carefully for your flight on the screen, and also watch the other people who stand in line.. They do not announce properly or clearly, and it can become confusing if you are a first timer.. If you are not careful, you can miss you flight and not even realize it.. Most only have small sign that is over the door where everyone will line up.. Also if leaving from the Domestic Terminal, be prepared with umbrella if raining. They is no loading chute in which you walk down.. You are loaded from the outside on portable steps.....

    If flying with Cebu Pacific, they are notorious for being late, and evening canceling some flights. Especially to and from the Boracay Area. Most of the time they do not give you accommodations, or try to move you to another flight, which might be from different airport.. Expect delay's from all airlines here in PI, especially if you are going to some of the remote islands.

    Out of all the little things that might aggravate you about airline travel here in PI.. It is very safe..

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