Festivals in Boracay, Philippines

  • International Beach Volleyball Tournament

    • 4 May 2013–10 May 2013

    Every year, Boracay is hosting the International Beach Volleyball Tournament. In 2005, 72 teams from 44 colleges and universities in the Philippines competed in the inter-collegiate tournament. International Beach Volleyball Tournament 2014 is not held in Boracay because of some reasons.

  • Boracay international Funboard Cup

    • 9 Jan 2014

    Since 1989, Boracay has been one leg of the Southeast Asia Funboard Cup for windsurfing enthusiasts. Held in waters off Bulabog, on the eastern side of the island. The event is one of the largest windsurfing and kiteboarding races in Asia and attracts over a hundred windsurfers and kiters to Boracay year after year. The event also features the Boracay Big Air Challenge, a event which draws some of the best kiters in the region.

  • Ati-atihan Festival

    • 12 Jan 2014

    The annual celebration in honor of Santo Niño, boracay's version of the very famous Ati-Atihan Festival in Kalibo. The festival presents a picturesque scene as Filipinos, their bodies painted and some playing musical instruments, parade and dance in tribal groups along the White Beach.

  • Yapak Fiesta

    • 10 Feb 2014–11 Feb 2014

    In the local vernacular, yapak would translate to walking barefoot. This is more of cultural celebration on the island of Boracay. During the festivities, ancient folklore and tradition are both celebrated and remembered. This festive occasion is highlighted by dances and parades in full demonstration of ancient tradition.

  • Cockfights

    • 16 Mar 2014

    Cockfighting takes place all around the country. The methods for raising the cocks vary per owner, but many elements remain unchanged during competition. Razor blades are strapped on their legs. The fight ends when one of the cocks is dea.

  • International Dragon Boat Race

    • 24 Apr 2014–26 Apr 2014

    Dragon boating was first introduced to Boracay in 2001. Since then, annual competitions have been held in its pristine blue waters. The highlight of the festival are the dragon boat race competitions participated in by several dragon boat teams.

  • Boracay food festival

    • 11 May 2014–13 May 2014

    The festival is a showcase of the finest Filipino delicacies. It is a celebration of the Filipino’s love for fine food. At the same time it gives foreigners a chance to witness how these cuisines are prepared and how they taste. While the event is mainly about showing Philippine culinary wonders, it also showcases the Filipino’s love for the good life.

  • New Year's Eve

    • 31 Dec 2014–1 Jan 2015

    Dine in the restaurants along the beach path offering variety of Filipino and international cuisines is very traditional to see on every household’s table during this time of the year. Fireworks are believed to ward off bad omen of the previous year and abundance to the incoming year. Nonstop disco and party are also thrown away by different bars and disco.

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