Getting Around in Yangon, Myanmar


  • City Bus

    Making sense of Yangon’s bus system is a real challenge for visitors, due to the large size of the city; the hectic nature of bus travel; the use of Myanmar script numbering for bus routes; and the fact that there are no English Language signs. Buses are slow but they are cheap (usually K200-K300) – if you want to give it a go, the best thing to do is ask a local.

    More than 40 numbered city bus routes – on dodgy old pick-ups and newer Japanese or Korean buses with air-con – connect the townships of Yangon. Some can be quite crowded, but midday hops across the centre (for example) beat a taxi. Tickets cost from K20 to K200 depending on the type of bus.

    * Note

    If you need to get out of the bus at the stop, make sure you make your way to the door of the bus, it will NOT wait for you to take your time getting out.


  • Yangon City Aircon Cab


    7, Myintawtha St., Thaketa Tsp. Yangon

  • Win & S.P.A.M

    656870, 656870

    Reportedly the nicest taxi’s you’ll find in Yangon.

    No.87, Pyay Road, Mayangong Township, Yangon

  • Parami Taxi Services

    560885, 400435

    Parami Rd, South Okkalapa Township, Yangon


  • Yangon Circular Railway

    Yangon Circular Railway is the local commuter rail network that serves the Yangon metropolitan area. Operated by Myanmar Railways, the 45.9-kilometre (28.5 mi) 39-station loop system connects satellite towns and suburban areas to the city. The loop, which takes about three hours to complete, is a way to see a cross section of life in Yangon. The Railway is heavily utilized by lower-income commuters, as it is the cheapest method of transportation in Yangon.

    Service hours: 3:45 AM - 10:15 PM daily.

    Fare Rate:

    • For locals, 100 Kyats (~9 US cents) for 15 miles and 200 kyats (~18 US cents) when over 15 miles.
    • Foreigners pay 1 USD (Kyat not accepted), regardless of the length of the journey and valid for whole day.

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