Currency of Yangon, Myanmar

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Myanma Kyat Myanma Kyat (MMK)


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You are likely to pay for everything with cash. Unlike the past, by May 2013 it is no longer important to pay hotels and sightseeing expenses in USD. You can pay for almost everything in kyat. Although sometimes you can get better rates paying in USD. You are limited to a few expensive hotels if you need to pay by card, and they will add a surcharge of 4%.

The best exchange rate is for US$100 and US$50 notes, but the smaller ones (US$1, US$5 and US$10 bills) are indispensable for paying museum and temple entry fees, which are charged to tourists in US dollars. By May 2013 you can pay most of entry fees in kyat, paying in USD can be cheaper though depending on the exchange rate.

Money Changers

Although money exchange counters are not as common as in other countries, it is not difficult to find them, especially in downtown. All banks provide this service and offer decent rate. At Bogyoke Aung San Markets, there are 2 money exchange counters outside. Even within the Shwedagon Pagoda, CB Bank will be opening a money exchange counter by the end of June 2013.

Due to the dominance of banks in this money exchange business, it can be difficult to find such services on Sunday and public holidays. A reliable source of service is Northern Breeze Exchange Service located at Nos 74, Manawhayi Street, Dagon Township (beside the Thai Embassy). This counter is open daily between 8am to 7.30pm including public holidays and the rates are decent. It is also relatively near to town and a 1,500 kyats taxi fare should get you here easily.


There are over 50 ATM machines in Yangon The ATMs (Mostly CB Bank) are scattered around the City Marts and other supermarkets however the likelihood of success cash withdrawals varies. Some of the ATMs are not working so withdraing money before you run out saves hazzle. There is a fee for Mastercard and VISA transactions of 5000 Kyats, with a withdrawal limit of 300,000 Kyats per transaction.

Money Changers

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