Getting to Mandalay, Myanmar

Visa not Needed

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Foreign visitors to Myanmar require a visa, which must be obtained in advance. Tourist visas are valid for 28 days from the date of entry, but you should be aware that visas are only valid for only three months from the date they are issued. You can apply for a visa at a Myanmar embassy or consulate in your home country. Visa processing time ranges from one to two weeks.

Myanmar authorities have also granted pre-arranged visa-on-arrival for visitors from 48 countries. It requires pre-approval from authorities. Once the traveller has confirmation that the visa on arrival has been approved they take a flight to Yangon and have the visa stamped into their passport on arrival.

According to the visa exemption pact between Myanmar and some ASEAN countries, citizens need to have passports valid for a minimum of six months, and their stay must not exceed 14 days, without any facility to extend.


  • Kun Chan Rd, Yangon, Myanmar

    Yangon Central Railway Station, located in downtown Yangon, is the largest railway station in Myanmar. It is the gateway to Myanmar Railways' 3,126-mile rail network whose reach covers Upper Myanmar, upcountry, Shan hills and the Taninthayi coast.

    There are several trains daily from Yangon. The tracks are old and, in some cases, the carriages may be old, and the fifteen hour journey is extremely bumpy. There are sleepers in the last train leaving Yangon to Mandalay, but note that it is all but impossible to sleep on the train as most of the journey is made on extremely bumpy rails. Also note that the price for foreigners is significantly higher than the one for local people. It is also impossible to know how much the train will cost since the price seems to be at the discretion of the person manning the ticket counter at the train station. In order to reserve a ticket for the evening train, one must go to the train station at 7am on the same day.


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    Manaw Hari St, Myanmar

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    Mandalay International Airport located 35 km south of Mandalay in Tada-U, is one of only three international airports in Burma. Completed in 1999, the airport is the largest and most modern airport in the country, complete with a 14,000-foot (4267-m) runway which is the longest runway in use in Southeast Asia and capacity to handle up to 3 million passengers a year. It is the main operating base of Golden Myanmar Airlines.

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