Currency of Mandalay, Myanmar

Main Currency

Myanma Kyat Myanma Kyat (MMK)


  • USD

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Tips and Advice

Myanmar’s national currency, the kyat (pronounced chat, and abbreviated K) is divided into the following banknotes: K1, K5, K10, K20, K50, K100, K200, K500 and K1000.

Exchange counter at some banks in Mandalay city, but not as smooth as airport. MDL Airport is the best place for this service

We recommend visitors to bring US Dollars in cash. US Dollars are widely accepted throughout Myanmar and are easily exchangeable for the local Kyat currency. Please note that all bills must be in crisp condition with no marks, stains or folds. Most of the establishments throughout the country refuse to accept even slightly fatigued bills. For your own convenience please bring “like-new” U.S. Dollars bills.

Money Changers

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