Travel Tips in Bagan, Myanmar


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  • Emergency


  • Yangon General Hospital

    256112~115, 384493

  • Red Cross


  • Traffic Police Ambulance


  • Central Police Office

    549309, 549963 (Ext. 355)

  • Yangon Railway Station


  • Enquiry

    660176, 660541, 665669~70


  • Bring footwear

    As the Romans do, the best footwear to go about in this site is a pair of plastic slippers or crocs. It is so easy to slip on and take off as one hops from one temple to another. If you don't have a pair of slippers, your hotel might be able to lend you a pair. Wearing socks and tightly laced shoes are a hassle. At the end of the trip, your shoes and socks need a good washing.

  • Be careful when climbing the stairs of temples

    Be extra careful when you climb the stairs of less visited temples, hidden beehives just above your head might make Bagan a painful experience!

  • Bring lots of wipes

    Bring lots of wipes, the best way of cooling off and getting rid of dust and sticky sweat in your face, arms, and feet. There are no air-conditioned buildings to take shelter during very hot noon breaks. Even banks are not air-conditioned.

  • Souvenir vendors

    Souvenir vendors - young and old, some as young as 6 years, are pros. They manipulate the heartstrings of the tourists using subtle and psychological techniques. They initially act as your bike minders, then guides, then tip providers eventually revealing their true intentions. They sometimes even offer to visit you at your hotel if you aren't decided or you have no available cash. Don't fall for their friendliness, and be firm in your refusal before they get too attached to you even if you insist that you are only a tourist on budget and had already coughed out $5 for each vendor at all temples you've visited. They are hard to shake off and will insist. But most Myanmar people are not crooks, and are fair dealers, as generally they are good Buddhist.

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