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Dates and timings are in Yokohama timezone.*

Spring Season (Mar–May)

In this season, there are several activities for you to join in when you are in Yokohama.    

Summer Season (May–Sep)

During the summer months, May till September, Yokohama remains hot enough and humid enough for the visitors with the average high of 27 °C. Moreover, the period is marked by the weather specialist as rainy season since rainfall is very much common throughout the season.  September is the wettest month of the year with more than 300 mm of precipitation while August remains the hottest and sunniest with the average high temperature of 30°C and 215 hours of sunshine. Nighttime, on the other hand, becomes comfortable for the travelers as temperature drops to low teens. Over all, due to humidity effects the summer months remains quite warm.

Fall Season (Sep–Nov)

It's the most comfortable time period in Yokohama.     

Winter Season (Dec–Mar)

Yokohama goes through colder temperature throughout the winter season. Although temperature rarely drops below freezing level the average low and a little snowfall during the first two month of the year may spoil your plan to visit the second largest city of Japan by population. The average high temperature of the season stands at 11°C while the low fluctuates between 7°C and 2°C. January is the coldest month of the year when the city receives 1°C of average low temperature.

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