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Dates and timings are in Tokyo timezone.*

Spring Season (Mar–May)

Spring lasts from March to May and seems to be an ideal time for sightseeing. Early spring may still experience some cooler days (where a light coat or sweater is needed), but in late April and May the days are much warmer when only short sleeves can be worn. Occasional rain showers may occur at this time. Average temperatures range from 2°C to 17°C (35 to 62°F).

Summer Season (Jun–Aug)

Summer starts in June and lasts until August. This is the hottest time of year when temperatures can exceed 30°C (86°F) with high humidity. Summer is also the rainy season, particularly during the hot and muggy month of July. Average temperatures range from 21°C to 30°C (70 °F to 86°F).

Fall Season (Sep–Nov)

Autumn is from September to November, and is generally cooler with less humidity. However, if you visit during September there may still be days that reach above 30°C. Fall is always a welcome relief with clear blue skies and beautiful flowers. Average temperatures range from 13°C to 26°C (56°F to 78°F).

Winter Season (Nov–Feb)

Winter is from December to February, characterized by chilly and gray days. Even though temperatures rarely fall below freezing, snow showers occur from time to time in the center of the city (even though it rarely piles up). Days are short with sunset around 5:00pm. Average temperatures range from -1°C to 9°C (29°F to 48°F).

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