Travel Tips in Jakarta, Indonesia


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Power Outlet Types

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  • Police - General Emergencies

    110 / 112 (SMS 1717)

  • Ambulance and Rescue


  • Fire


  • Medical Emergencies


  • Tourist Police ( Bali)

    (0361) 754 599 / (0361) 224 111

  • Tourist Police ( Jakarta )

    (021) 526 4073

  • Jakarta City Government Tourism Office

    +62 21 5272420


    Jl. Kuningan Barat No. 2 Kuningan Barat Mampang Prapatan Jakarta Selatan DKI Jakarta


  • Security

    - Considering the size and income level of Jakarta, it is remarkably crime free. Compared to large American cities, the incidence of violent crime is very low. Of course, robberies can occur so you want to use common sense. The most prevalent crime victims are intoxicated Westerns wandering alone in dodgy areas in the wee hours.

    - It is advisable for tourists not to hail taxi on streets. If you want to go out, it is better for you to ask the receptionists of hotels to call for a taxi for you.

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