Currency of Hong Kong, China

Main Currency

Hong Kong Dollar Hong Kong Dollar (HKD), symbol: $


  • USD

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Tips and Advice

  • The legal tender in Hong Kong is the Hong Kong dollar (HKD), which is pegged to the US dollar at a rate of about 7.80 HKD to 1 USD, although exchange rates may fluctuate slightly.
  • While coins are issued by the Government, interestingly, the issue of Hong Kong banknotes are shared between three commercial banks: HSBC, Standard Chartered Bank and Bank of China. These notes vary in design and colour according to denomination
  • Traveller's cheques and credit cards: Most large hotels and banks in Hong Kong accept traveler's check. For credit card, hotel, retail shops and restaurants commonly accept American Express, VISA, MasterCard and other international credit cards to pay.
  • ATM: ATMs can be found almost everywhere. Many take international cards and some HSBC 'Electronic Money' machines provide 24-hour cash withdrawal (HK$) facilities for Visa and MasterCard holders.

Money Changers

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