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Dates and timings are in Hangzhou timezone.*

Spring Season (Mar–May)

Spring lasts from March to May in Hangzhou, which ranks as the best time to appreciate peach blossoms. The rainfall increases, and cold spells in later spring. The average temperature is about 17℃, and the rainfall ranges from 330 to 450 mm. In late spring, there is thunderstorm and hailstone sometimes. For packing, sweaters and overcoats are necessary. In March, the temperature ranges from 5.56℃ to 13.89℃, which is also the best time to appreciate cherry blossoms near West Lake. The temperature ranges from 11.67℃ to 20℃ in April, and from 16.67℃ to 25℃ in May.

Summer Season (Jun–Sep)

Summer lasts from June to September in Hangzhou with the average temperature of about 26℃ and the rainfall of 530 to 630mm, which is scorching and wet. In early summer, the rainfall concentrates, and there is frequent torrential rain. The temperature ranges from 21℃ to 28℃. In early July, the rainfall gradually ceases, and summer is at its height in August. In late August, it’s mainly hot and sunny, and torrential rain and windy days occur sometimes. The temperature ranges from 25℃ to 33℃ in July, from 24℃ to 32℃ in August and from 20℃ to 27℃ in September. For packing, short-sleeved shirts, shorts, sunglasses, sunhats, sun cream and umbrellas are necessary.

Summer Season (Oct–Nov)

Autumn is very short in Hangzhou, from October to November, with the average temperature of about 16℃. It boasts favorable weather condition which is relatively cool. For packing, long-sleeved coats and light sweaters are needed. The temperature ranges from 14℃ to 23℃ in October and from 8℃ to 17℃ in November. From mid October to November, rainfall decreases, and there is large temperature difference between day and night.

Fall Season (Oct–Dec)

Fall Season (Oct–Dec)

Winter Season (Dec–Feb)

Winter lasts from December to the following February in Hangzhou with the average temperature of about 6℃. January is the coldest month and the temperature could drop below 0℃. There is frequent rainfall and snow. For packing, warm clothes are necessary, including cotton-padded jackets, down jackets and thermal underwear are needed.

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