Getting Around in Beijing, China


  • Beijing Bus

    It is difficult to use if you don't understand Chinese. The bus staff speak little English, and only a few bus lines in the city center broadcast stop names in English. Bus stop signs are also entirely in Chinese. While traveling in Beijing China, keep a map of the bus routes as you step in Beijing buses.

    Bus Fares

    Most bus fares are relatively cheap! For passengers paying by cash:

    • Lines 1-199 operate on a flat rate of ¥1 per journey.
    • Lines 300-899 charge ¥1 for the first 12 km of each journey and ¥0.5 for each additional 5 km.
    • Buses with air-condition (800-899) start at ¥2.
    • The night buses (200-299) charge ¥2 per journey.

    If you get a public transportation card from a metro station (a card that acts as a debit card for the metro and buses) you can get a 60% discount on all fares: Lines 1-499 operate on a flat rate of ¥0.40 per journey. Lines 500-899 get 60% off the cash price. There are also 3-day, 7-day and 15-day passes available for travelers. There is no return ticket or day ticket.

    Operating hours

    • Most buses with a line number under 200 run daily from 5:00 to 23:00.
    • Buses with a line number greater than 300 run from 6AM till 10PM. All buses with a line number in the 200s are night buses.
    • Many routes get very crowded during rush hours (6:30AM-9AM and 5PM-9PM).
    • On all major holidays, there will be more frequent service on most city routes.


  • Capital Taxi Company


  • Beijing Taxi Company



  • Beijing Subway

    The Beijing Subway is a rapid transit rail network that serves the urban and suburban districts of Beijing municipality.

    See for subway routes & timetable.


    A flat fare of ¥ 2.00 with unlimited transfers applies to all lines except the Airport Express, which costs ¥25. Children below 1.2 metres (47 in) in height ride for free when accompanied by a paying adult.

    Operating Hours

    The subway is generally closed after midnight, unless a special occasion prompts extended operating hours. The first trains depart terminals at around 5 AM and the last leave at around 11 PM. The Airport Express train starts at around 6 AM.

Car Rental

  • Jinjian Taxi Company


    After years’ development, it has been one of the famous branded taxi ventures in Beijing. It has established a high reputation in the society and has 3,500 cabs of various models. The high quality service is what attracts customers.

  • Yinjian Auto Services Co., LTD


    It is one of the two taxi companies in Beijing who first introduce the global positioning system technology to their cabs. With a variety of cars, it provides perfect driving service and translating service.

  • Yuyang United Auto Rental Co.


    One of the famous branded auto rental services in Beijing. Having more than 5,000 medium-to-high grade cars.

    Yuyang United Auto Rental Co. is a member of standing council of China Taxi and Leasing Association.

  • BTG Car Rental Company


    The BTG Car Rental Company under it is one of the earliest professional car rental companies in Beijing. The China tourism car rental network jointly founded by BTG Taxi Company and other domestic car rental enterprises has become available in more than twenty major cities in China.


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