Getting Around in Siem Reap, Cambodia


  • Motodups (motorbike taxi)

    Is abound and will make sure you know where they are. Rides within town should only cost US$0.50 or 2,000 riel, although prices can double at night or during bad weather. Agree a price first. Full day can be arranged for ~US$10. Helmets for passengers are rare though may materialize if requested in advance.

    Renting a motorbike is prohibited for foreign visitors to Siem Reap, though motorbikes rented elsewhere are permitted.

    Petrol stations vary from first world forecourts to roadside stalls selling fuel of dubious quality in old drinks bottles.


Distance unit
Metric (km/h)
Traffic system
Right-hand drive



Tuk tuks are the best choice and available anywhere. They consist of a motorcycle with a cabin for the passengers hitched to the back. They are cheap (Per tuk-tuk: US$1-3 for a trip in the city, $7 to the airport) and plentiful. Negotiate the price ahead of time and make sure the driver knows how to get to your destination

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