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Transport from Hualien to Sun Moon Lake and Alishan

Transport from Hualien to Sun Moon Lake and Alishan

1/ From Hualien to Sun Moon Lake

No trains go directly from Hualien to Sun Moon Lake. The most popular way is getting from Hualien Station to Taipei Main station. Then take a HSR train from Taipei Main station to Taichung HSR station, the closest major station to Sun Moon Lake. After that, you can take a bus from Taichung Sun Moon Lake for half an hour.
Transport from Hualien to Sun Moon Lake and Alishan
Photo by bikenyc.org/
Besides, the daily carpool is operated by e-go bus driven through the picturesque Taroko Gorge with international licensed drivers. However, the drive on the winding two-lane road takes approximately 8 hours, and is subject to frequent stops due to rockfalls. We don’t recommend this tour for elderly or people who get car sick/high altitude sickness easily because you will be going round and round the mountain up to 3416m (Hehuanshan) and then down mountain to Cingjing for 8 hours.
Transport from Hualien to Sun Moon Lake and Alishan
Photo by travelagewest.com

Recommended route:

1.1. Hualien Station - Taipei Main station - Taichung HSR station- Sun Moon Lake
Transport from Hualien to Sun Moon Lake and Alishan
Photo by panoramio.com

a) Express train from Hualien station to Taipei Main station takes 2 hour 10 minutes costing NT$440 per person. You can get more information and book your tickets online here. http://twtraffic.tra.gov.tw/twrail/English/e_index.aspx
Hualien Station
- Address: Hualien City, Hualien County, Taiwan. (It is the terminal station of North-Link Line and the starting station of Hualien-Taitung Line).
b) Then take a HSR train fromTaipei Main Station to Taichung HSR Station takes 60 minutes costing NT$765 per person. You can get more information and book your tickets online here. http://www5.thsrc.com.tw/en/ . There is discount if you book in advance of 21-28 days.
Taipei Main Station
- Address: 100, Taiwan, Taipei City, Zhongzheng District, 忠孝西路1段49號
c) From Taichung HSR station to Sun Moon Lake takes about 1.5 hours by Nantou Bus costing NT$190 per person. This means that the journey takes about 4-5 hours including waiting time.
Taichung Station
- Address: Central District, Taichung City, Taiwan.

1.2. Bus From Taichung

  • Nan-Tou Bus (南投客運) Running daily from Taichung Kan-Cheng Station (干城站) at Shuang-Shih Road (雙十路, near the railway station), High Speed Rail Taichung Station, Puli to Sun Moon Lake for NT$200 one way. For timetable and other details, please contact +886 49 2984031 (Puli) or visit these sites:



  • Renyou Bus (仁友客運) has less frequent departures from Liouchuan East Road (柳川東路) near the railway station for NT$200 one-way and NT$350 for a return ticket.
  • GuoGuang Buses from Taipei stop over in Chaoma station in Taichung.


There is no bus goes directly from Hualien to Sun Moon. Yet some direct buses to Sun Moon Lake are available from Taipei. If you prefer taking a bus goes directly to Sun Moon Lake from Taipei Main Station without transferring at Taichung Station, you can consider these buses from Taipei:

  • Green Transit Bus (Feng Jung Bus) Running daily from Taipei MRT ZhongXiaoFuXing Station (Taipei East Area, near SOGO department store, no 274, Fuxing east rd, ) and Sun Moon Lake. For timetable and other details, please contact + 886 2 27522988 (Taipei), or + 886 49 2990407 (Puli)
  • GuoGuang Bus (國光客運, formerly TaiChi Bus) Four buses run daily from Taipei West Station (near Taipei Train Station) to Sun Moon Lake. +866 2 23119893 (Taipei), or + 886 49 2990407 (Puli)

2. From Sun Moon Lake to Alishan

Alishan, located in Chiayi County in southern Taiwan, is a nature preserve with extraordinary landscapes, aboriginal cultures, waterfalls, high mountain tea, wasabi (green mustard root), fireflies, and unparalleled beauties such as sea of clouds, sunset and sunrise sceneries, making it a must-see for your Taiwan travel.

Transport from Hualien to Sun Moon Lake and Alishan
Photo by sakuraseason4u.files.wordpress

Today, with Yuanlin Bus connecting Sun Moon Lake and Alishan, travelers may simply visit these two wonderful Taiwan tourist stops without trouble. The whole trip takes about 3-3.5hrs.

Yuanlin Bus #6739
Bus Fare: TWD 307/passenger/way

  • From Sun Moon Lake to Alishan: 07:00 & 09:00
  • From Alishan to Sun Moon Lake: 13:00 & 14:00

By taking Sun Moon Lake-Alishan direct bus, you will be able to see some attractions along the way include Tataja, Zhizhong Sacred Tree, Husband & Wife Tree, and Xinyimei Village. The bus will make a brief stop at these attractions.

For more information, please contact the Shuili Station of Yuanlin Bus at (049) 2770041 and (04) 8320106, or simply visit the company’s website at www.ylbus.com.tw/.

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