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Top Friendly Family Restaurants In Hanoi

Top Friendly Family Restaurants In Hanoi

Hanoi is a second biggest city in Vietnam with the dense population together with thousands of domestic and foreign tourists. This's why more and more restaurants are springing up like mushroom on these days. However, not all eateries are suitable for family with kids.
Below is the list of 5 friendly family restaurants in Ha Noi.

1. Cousins restaurant

Cousins restaurant is the combination between Vietnamese and Western styles. What makes Cousins restaurant become a favorite eating place for family is the friendly and helpful staff. They are willing to spend time on your kids while you need a break. There are two settings off the restaurant where you can choose to sit outside with a spacious view and get inside for cool air. How about the food? Don't worry! There are always changes in menu from this week to another. The properties are endless with several stunning and tasty dishes. The bavette, beef cheek ragu, smoked duck and some snack served with cheese are highly recommended for a great dinner. Cousins also serves wine with affordable prices.

Top Friendly Family Restaurants In HanoiPhoto by cousins

  • Address: 3 Quang Ba street, Ha Noi.
  • Hours: 11a.m-10p.m

2. Daluva restaurant

Daluva restaurant emerged as a unique eatery among others in Ha Noi as it specializes in American and the Middle Eastern cuisine. This restaurant is a go-to-dinner treat when you are in Ha Noi. Daluva's decoration is quite simple but elegant with the mix of blue and white, which brings to you a relaxing and cool feeling. Israel’s food is the real star of Daluva with several levels of tastes and fragrance. The dessert itself is the delicate, sweet, and mouthwatering. Earl grey and dark chocolate truffle tart will make you in love with. What sets Daluva stand out for family is its playground for kids on the 3rd floor. It's crazy amazing for parents to have more time for private space instead of paying too much attention to their kids. Also, the waiter and waitress here are pretty friendly and care about you especially your kids. This restaurant also has free wifi and a very good air-conditioner system.

Top Friendly Family Restaurants In HanoiPhoto by Daluva restaurant-bar

  • Address: 33 To Ngoc Van street, Ha Noi.
  • Hours: 7a.m-11.30p.m

3. Al Fresco’s restaurant

There is no shortage of great pizza at Al Fresco with the system of 10 Al Fresco’s restaurants in Ha Noi and a large number under Al Fresco brand all over Viet Nam. Not only youngster, but also people of all ages can't go wrong with Al Fresco for a fun and tasty meal out. When it comes to service, Al Fresco deserves to be set on top for their attentive and helpful staff. This restaurant also offers the feeding chair so the image of frustrating parents trying to feed their kids will not exist anymore. Al Fresco offers a long list for any kinds of spaghetti, pizza and deep fried chips your children often dream up. For the older, Thai Salads, grilled pork ribs and mushroom soups are sneak peak of what to order.

Top Friendly Family Restaurants In HanoiPhoto by Al Fresco

  • Address: 19 Nha Tho street, Ha Noi.
  • Hours: 8a.m-10p.m

4.The Kafe Village coffe-restaurant

The Kafe village is a beautiful villa locating in a quiet and peaceful alley in Ha Noi. It stands out from other coffee shops for its multi-decorated styles dividing into different spaces from modern to simple yet harmonious and even classic western styles. This is a great place for people of all taste. The Kafe offers cozy atmosphere with the very friendly and ardent staff. The restaurant is packed with locals and foreigners as it offers some pretty unique flavor combinations between Vietnamese and Western cuisines. The Kafe is also known as a heaven for kids who have a sweet tooth for waffle, trifle, cakes, ice cream and chocolate smoothie. In addition, the pizza and beef steak served with deep fried chips cooked in different recipes will make your kids complete the meal without scolding or sighing.

Top Friendly Family Restaurants In HanoiPhoto by the kafe village

5. Quan An Ngon restaurant

Quan An Ngon is a popular restaurant for those who love Vietnamese cuisine. Entering Quan An Ngon restaurant, you will immediately be welcome with the smiling and eager staff. When you are in need of a private space, Quan An Ngon will not make you disappoint with private rooms, air conditioner and free Wifi Quan An Ngon. For those who are in love with Vietnamese food, Quan An Ngon has all your needs with different kinds of foods through the North to the South.

Top Friendly Family Restaurants In HanoiPhoto by Phuong Thu Nguyen

Food is always an enjoyable thing that every travellers wishing to explore for their Ha Noi trip. All these above mentioned restaurants stretching from Western to Vietnamese options are where you need to give them a try for a fun meal out.

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