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Top 10 Best Places To Shop In Hanoi

Top 10 Best Places To Shop In Hanoi

Ha Noi city is a perfect choice for those who want to spend days and nights on shopping. This city is a friendly tourist destination with a plenty of shopping items you can think of. The following list is recommendation for 10 places to shop in Ha Noi.

1. Night market at old quarter

There are several night markets in Hanoi and the one located at the old quarter is an enjoyable shopping spot for both locals and foreigners. This market has a large precinct that begins from Hang Dao street to Dong Xuan market. There are nearly 4000 stalls and kiosks selling thousands of goods as clothing,shoes, lacquer, souvenirs, jewelry, handicraft, accessories…etc at affordable prices. The best thing about this market is that you can experience some of popular streets foods like sweet soup, noodles, soaked fruits and Vietnamese traditional cakes.

Top 10 Best Places To Shop In Hanoi

Photo by dulichcauvong

Opening hour: The market only opens up from Friday to Sunday night.


- Try to drive a hard bargain with every seller if you don’t want to buy things at the unfair prices because the sellers always charge high prices.
- Watch out your bags, pockets or purses because market here is quite crowded and there are some picpockets around.

2. Hang Ma street

Hang Ma Street is on the way from Hoan Kiem Lake to Dong Xuan market. It is one of the bustling street in the old quarter that offers many kinds of colorful stuff especially the beautifully decorated ones. These items are used to decorate houses. On special occasions like Christmas, New Year, lunar New Year or mid-autumn festival, Hang Ma street is always packed with people, both locals and tourists. Vietnamese people want to take a stroll around Hang Ma street to buy red parallel sentences, strings of flash-bulb or paper unicornhead, small drums and lanterns for kids. The street is also an option for those want to take pictures.

Top 10 Best Places To Shop In HanoiPhoto by Gavin White

3. Hang Duong street

Hang Duong street offers a great selection of snacks and sweets for people of all kinds. O Mai - the most famous specialty snack in Hanoi is widely purchased in Hang Duong. O Mai is a salted and sugared dried apricot or other fruits. It's a little bit sour at the first bite but the more you eat, the richer it is in flavor. These special snacks have a great fragnance that you can smell when entering a store. Most of the O Mai selling on Hang Duong street are handmade with the unique recipes that are handed down from this generation to another in a family. This is why O Mai is an amazing treat in Ha Noi that you can find nowhere in Viet Nam.

If you are wandering what to give to your loved ones when back home, O Mai is an ideal suggestion. You will watch their eyes light up with unconllable joy as they slowly savored each morsel of O Mai.

Top 10 Best Places To Shop In HanoiPhoto by O Mai Hong Lam

4. Van Phuc silk village

Van Phuc silk village is 10km away from the centre of Hanoi. When you come to Van Phuc, it's like you are stepping back the history where the image of century old trees, old communal houses and rocky roads is popular in Viet Nam decades ago.

Apart from its beautiful landscapes, Van Phuc village is also famous for the production and international trade of silk. The silk made by the skillful and clever weavers in Van Phuc village was first brought out into the world market in 1931 and got positive reviews from the French customers.It's a fresh start for the wide spread of Van Phuc silk at the national and worldwide scale. Annually,Van Phuc Village attracts thousands of domestic and foreign tourists coming here to buy the best qualified products of silk.

Top 10 Best Places To Shop In Hanoi

Photo by Van Phuc silk


- There are many Chinese silk products at Van Phuc village and you have to find out the big and prestigious shops to get authentic products.
- The genuine silk is very soft, thin and tender. Whenever you try on, you can completely feel the smoothness and comfort of the original silk.

- Don't be surprised with the price of genuine silk. As a saying "You get what you pay", the higher price you pay, the better the silk is. However, remember to bargain to have a good deal.

5. Bat Trang pottery village

Bat Trang pottery village is situated in Ha Noi's suburb near Hong river. This is a long standing village which is well-knwon for the ceramic home pieces with eye-catching and striking designs. You will have chance to watch the skillful workman makes ceramic bowls, cups, vases or classic tea sets here. In this village, the traditional workshop is still well-preserved and wildly spread.

There is no doubt that Bat Trang pottery is a unique stop for all people visiting Ha Noi. It's hard to leave Bat Trang without buying some cute little ceramic pieces as souvenirs or even huge ceramic models to decorate your houses.

Top 10 Best Places To Shop In HanoiPhoto by fbcdn-sphotos-g-a.akamaihd.

Tip: There is a market inside the village selling all of ceramic stuff in case you want to bring some when you are back home. Shopping in a market is always fun as you can observe the local lives and bargain to have a great price.

6.Parkson shopping centre

Located on the breeding ground, Parkson shopping centre has 3 façades that face 3 main streets as Chua Boc, Thai Ha and Tay Son. This shopping centre is a wonderful place for those who are shoppaholic. Parkson has over one hundred stalls selling the high-class merchandise from famous brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Timberland, Guess, Calvin Klein, Geox, Yves Saint Laurent, Aigner….etc.

Top 10 Best Places To Shop In HanoiPhoto by Levi's Parkson Cantavil

7.Vincom mega mall royal city

Located at 72A Nguyen Trai street, Vincom mega mall royal city is the biggest underground shopping centre of Asia. This is the paradise for people loving shopping. The mall is so large that you will need a map to prevent yourself from getting lost.

Top 10 Best Places To Shop In HanoiPhoto by vincom mega mall-royal city

Make sure you are fullly ready for a long shopping day that Vincom has everything you need, you want and you wish ranging from personal stuff to household facility, high-end fashion to modern technological products. Spend a couples of hours to enjoy a nice cool breeze in Vincom.

8.Hang Be market

Hang Be market which is near Hoan Kiem Lake is one of the most popular shopping stops of the local. Everyday, a large number of people flee to Hang Be market to look for their needed items. Besides selling unbelievably great food, fashionable clothing and local souvenir, Hang Be is also a cultural exchange spot where you can see groups of foreigners walking around the market. These tourists and expats assume Hang Be market as a real star to explore the Vietnamese lifestyle.

9.Hang Da market

Nesteled at the centre of Hoan Kiem district, Hang Da market boats some of the best foods and specialties in Ha Noi. The place is packed with locals and the food offers some pretty unique flavor combinations. There are 3 floors with different function in this market. Apart from the mind-blowing food, clothing and jelwery are some other products that you can find in Hang Da Market.

Top 10 Best Places To Shop In HanoiPhoto by Khanh Hmoong


- Bargain and bargin. It's such a golden rule when you go shopping in any Southeast Asian markets.

10. Dong Xuan market

Dong Xuan market is known as the biggest and oldest market in Ha Noi. For years, it has become an icon when talking about the capital of Viet Nam. It's described by many, many people as the best wholesale place in the north of Viet Nam. The more you buy, the cheaper the price is. You may be shocked with a wide diveristy of merchandise in this market. This market has everything from clothing, shoes, bags, foods, souvenirs to specialties. Even though you don't want to shop, it's an absolutely perfect window shopping and people watching place to go deeper the local lives.

Top 10 Best Places To Shop In HanoiPhoto by Eddie Gustavsson


- Don't ask to buy if you are not going to buy a large quantity. Some sellers are quite aggressive.

Do you love shopping? If the answer is Yes, you have read the right thing. If the answer is No, the list above has given you an idea of where to get the real lifestyle of Viet Nam.

No matter what your answer is, make your way into some of these shopping sites for a sweet shopping treat!

Are you going to visit Ha Noi, here are some suggested itineraries for you:

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