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Off The Beaten Places To Get Away From The Crowds In Da Nang

Off The Beaten Places To Get Away From The Crowds In Da Nang

1. The well of God (Giếng Trời)

Gieng Troi is located in Hoa Ninh, Hoa Vang District. It’s about more than 10 kilometers from Ba Na cable to the west. Every year, armies of young backpackers flock to Gieng troi to admire its stunning natural beauty.

Gieng Troi is so admirable as it is called as a place for the soul puration. Gieng troi or the well of God has its name for its location as it's centrally located in a bushy forest with a beautiful waterfall from above.

Off The Beaten Places To Get Away From The Crowds In Da NangPhoto by:phuot84

Important information

  • Address: Hoa Ninh,Hoa Vang District, Da Nang city
  • Open hour: all day long.

You can view a video to Gieng Troi.

Things to do in The well of God (Giếng Trời)

When you reach the waterfall, you can find banana trees to make swimming boat, experience hunting snails, frogs, stone crab. It is worth coming and getting yourselves immersed in the space of clear water, old trees, white clouds and blue sky. The experience is so different from what you often have in the daily busy days.

Gieng Troi is home to a great number of fishes. In the sunny midday, you can see flocks of white fishess wimming near the ledge. Most fishes here are seahorses. These seahorses usually jump out of the water surface near the waterfall. Fish in streams are food choosy, however, with a little rice, you can feed some if you are lucky enough! It's such a memorable experience.

Off The Beaten Places To Get Away From The Crowds In Da Nang

Photo by baodanang.vn

Due to rugged location and the heavily protection of rangers, the area preserves a forest of old trees. All these woods have a high value in both money and nature. The sprawling roots are becoming trapeze rope by the creative trekkers.

At night, admiring the flickering firefly light and enjoy a “musical concert” of the frogs and insects is definitely a lifetime memory.

The most favorite things are catching crabs, shellfish and frogs at night. Shinning the flashlight during the night to experience how hard this work is. Don't think that you just need to go out and get a pack of frogs with just a hand down. It's not as simple as you imagine.

Snails here are as big as fingers. They are main ingredinets for nails steamed lime leaves, a local treat.

After meal, you can lay down on the cool rocks to be deep in the nature and observe the beauty of nature in an isolated place. The endless horizon, flying clouds, bird chirping are the reward you get after a hard day of getting to Gieng Troi. It's like you are on paradise.

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How to get there

Driving to the last bridge before turning left into the parking lot of Bana Hill. At the end of the bridge, you meet a land slopes on the right, follow that way. The first slope is the steepest one, drivers should go up alone, people sit behind should get down and walk.

The route through the rolling hills is about 10km. It’s slightly rough with wheel tracks carrying red acacia. When going to the crossroads, if you don’t know which way to go then, ask some woodcutter there or go straight to their camp to ask. They are always willing to give you the direction.

Off The Beaten Places To Get Away From The Crowds In Da NangPhoto by baodanang.vn

Useful tips:

  • It's extremely hard to catch up Gieng troi on rainy days so you need to watch for the weather forecast beforehand.
  • You should be prepared to walk a long way because the narrow forest road sometimes cannot be accessed by motorbike.
  • Make sure you bring enough food because the place is deep in the forest without any shop and stores around.
  • Don't forget to wear comfortable shoes and clothing.
  • You should be accompanied by a person who know the road well, if not you may get into trouble finding the route.

What to bring for trekking

  • Use powerful engines motorbike
  • 1 large knife or machete to cut the trees.
  • 2 flashlights, one rechargeable light to play gamble or have dinner at night
  • 1 bottle each 1.5L
  • 1 handyraincoat
  • Shorts
  • Life jackets
  • Caneed foods, snacks.
  • 3 canvas (1 to cover motorcycles, 1 to cover up the rock, one for celling).
  • 1 long chain to lock your vehicle and 1 lock.
  • 1 hemostatic drug.

Gieng Troi (The Well of God)

Giếng Trời, Hòa Phú, Hòa Vang, Da Nang, Viet Nam
Opening time: 00:00 AM - 23:55 PM

Gieng Troi still keeps its original beauty as its location is inside a remote forest of Da nang city. To have a true touch with nature mother, this is definitely a place to be.

2.Ghềnh Bàng

Ghenh Bang is located on Son Tra peninsula and about the 20 km from the center of Da Nang. This is a peaceful place with a 2 km coastline surrounded by numerous stones in different stones and green trees.

Off The Beaten Places To Get Away From The Crowds In Da Nang
Photo by Danang Hoi An

Things to do

Ghenh Bang in Da Nang is a dreamland. The landscape in Ghenh Bang is naturally remained by relatively few people and tourists coming there. Trekkers do not need to go too far but still enable to enjoy the pure atmosphere. Don't forget to experience coral diving with homemade rental glass. However, make sure you have good swimmin skill. You just dive under the sea to enjoy a nature made aquarium with coral, colorful seaweed and beautifully sparkling fishes.

Besides, an activity to relieve stress is fishing in Ghenh Bang. You've just been relaxing and getting something to serve everyone for meal. Enjoy the seafood while watching the spectacular view is a great experience to remember.

No matter when you go to Ghenh Bang, it will take you in the serene beauty of the smooth peaks and clear water.

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Important Information

  • Address: Son Tra Peninsula, Danang
  • Open hour: No opening time
  • Best time to visit: 9am- 17am

Off The Beaten Places To Get Away From The Crowds In Da NangPhoto by danang43.com

Trekking to Ghenh Bang video

How to get there

Ghenh Bang is located near Bai But, Bai Che, 2 local beaches in Da Nang. It is a narrow beach, connected to the Ghenh Rang beach. The path down to the beach is very steep and crossing hills with lush trees.

Even though Ghenh Bang is a wild area, you can find some local vendors selling drinks and other shops offering snorkeling equipment for rent.

Useful tips

  • You should be careful when swimming there, make sure you have good swimming skill and life jackets.
  • There are many oysters in Ghenh bang so you should be very careful when you dive because of these “sharp knives” may cut you anytime.
  • According previous experience trekkers, you should dive into a group, the leader who plays a very important role will announce the rest about the “traps” ahead.

Off The Beaten Places To Get Away From The Crowds In Da NangPhoto by khachsandanang.info

What to bring

  • 1 large knife or machete to cut the trees.
  • 1 bottle each 1.5L
  • 1 handy raincoat
  • 2 shorts
  • Life jackets
  • Food, bring barbecue as much as good
  • 1 canvas
  • Hemostatic drug.

Ghenh Bang

Son tra Penisula, Da Nang, Viet Nam
Opening time: 00:00 AM - 23:55 PM

Ghenh Bang has its own potential beauty that has not been fully discovered. This little beach is home to several kinds of coral and marine creatures.

3.Nam O Reef

Nam O Reef is about 2 km to the west of Nam O Village (HoaHiep Nam Ward, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang city, between Danang and Hai Van Pass). The Nam O reef is named by local fishermen.

Nam O reef has many algae so it is the home to many preciousspecies of fish and seafood.

After visiting the reef, you can use boat back to the west along Cu De river and take an ecological tour, vissit KaTu ethnic village in Hoa Bac commune, Hoa Vang District.

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Off The Beaten Places To Get Away From The Crowds In Da NangPhoto by Khan G Nguyen

How to get there

By motorbike

You should travel by motorcycle or taxi about 15 minutes to reach the Nam O Reef.

From the city center, you should go along Duy Tan street towards the Central airport. Then turn right at Nguyen Van Linh street. At the roundabout, turn right and lead to Nguyen Tri Phuong street. Go ahead to the roundabout, turn left to Le Do street, go straight to Ton That Dam street. At the end of Ton That Dam street, you turn left to go to the Nguyen Tat Thanh street.

From Nguyen Tat Thanh, continue to go about 8 km, you will see Xuan Thieu beaches and Nam O Reef.

By bus

If you travel by bus, you can take bus No.4 on Nguyen Tat Thanh street, remember to ask the drivers to stop the car near Reef Nam O.

Bus No.04 route: Danang–Tam Ky

  • Route: Nguyen Tat Thanh street - 3/2 street - Dong Da street - Quang Trung street - Tran Cao Van street - Ha Huy Tap street - Dien Bien Phu street - Nguyen Tri Phuong street - Nguyen Huu Tho street - Cach Mang Thang Tam street - Ong Ich Duong street - Bridge Cam Le street - 1A street - Phan Boi Chau street - Phan Chu Trinh street - Hoa Huong street .
  • Return: Hoa Huong - Phan Chu Trinh - Phan Boi Chau - 1A - Bridge Cam Le - Ong Ich Duong –Cachmang thang 8- Nguyen HuuTho - Nguyen Tri Phuong - Dien Bien Phu - Ha Huy Tap - Tran Cao Van - QuangTrung - Dong Da - 3/2 - Nguyen Tat Thanh.
  • Operating hour: 5 a.m to 6p.m

Off The Beaten Places To Get Away From The Crowds In Da NangPhoto by Khan G Nguyen

Useful tips

  • Nam O reef is renowned for its fish salad and fish sources that you must try when go there.
  • Make sure you have good swimming skill and life jackets


  • Address: Hoa Hiep Nam Ward, Lien Chieu District, Da Nang
  • Open time: No opening time
  • Best time to visit: 10am-4pm

4.Bai Cat Vang (Golden Sand Beach)

Golden Sands beach is long sandy one bending by cool clear sea water, surrounded by green mountain scenery. Apart from some popular activities as swimming, tourists can enjoy diving to watch magical coral reefs or fishing and catching sea snails. You can also rent kayaks (a rowing boat), basket boats or canoes to freely explore the sea. There are many sea sports activities like pulling attractive banana boat, swinging on rope swing, throwing the net to catch seafood, catch ducks with local fishermen. The place will definitely satisfy any discerning visitors arriving here.

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Off The Beaten Places To Get Away From The Crowds In Da NangPhoto by http://www.hoanglongyen.com/

How to get there

You cannot travel by car because the road is so small and difficult to go. You should go by motorbike as many trekkers do.

You can go from the Han River Bridge to Pham Van Dong Street. At the end of Pham Van Dong street, turn left at Vo Nguyen Giap street

From Vo Nguyen Giap street, go straight for about 2 km to Hoang Sa street then turn left. You should continue to go about 3 km to reach Linh Ung Pagoda and Bai But beach.

Bai Cat Vang is a beach nearby

What to bring

  • Some pots, pans for cooking,
  • Snacks to eat
  • Drinking water
  • A fishing rod,
  • Firewood for campfire if you want to stay overnight
  • The other items, you can contact to rent at Golden Sand Beach.

Important information

  • Address: Son Tra Peninsula, Danang
  • Open time: No opening time
  • Best time to visit: 10am-5pm

For more detaild about Bai Cat Vang, watch this Video.

5. Hai Van Pass

Hai Van Pass is a 21 km length natural border between Hue and Da Nang city, crossing many towering mountains. It is considered as the most beautiful scenery and also the most dangerous route in Viet Nam on the journey from the South to the North over 700 years, with the height of 496m over sea level.

Indeed, from the South to the North, there is nowhere has such the high pass and shimmering scene as Hai Van. The mazy road runs along the mountainside like ribbons crossing on sky, hidden among trees and rocks. It’s really a beautiful painting of monumental nature and an art work of God.

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Off The Beaten Places To Get Away From The Crowds In Da NangPhoto by Gavin White

Local people often travel there by motorbike. It’s the best way to discover and admire the scenery. On top of the pass, where has markers of Danang and Hue border, a trace of history remains, the Hai Van Pass door. Stone Gate is still standing on the Pass. It was recognized as historical national relics. If you love to take pictures, there's no reason to not "hunt for" a few paranomic photos. Going downhill to Hue city, you will have opportunity to obseve great sunset and peaceful Lang Co fishing village.

Trekking to Hai Van pass video

Useful tips

  • The road to the peak is quite difficult and dangerous. It’s just good for adventurous and skillful travellers.
  • It’s a quiet and mountainous place. It's better to go with other people.
  • Driving at reasonable speed as it’s a dangerous small road along steep hills.

What to bring

  • Camera
  • Drinking water
  • sunscreen
  • Headwear

Important Information

  • Address: Hai Van pas, Lang Co, PhuLoc, ThuaThien Hue, Vietnam
  • Opening time: No opening time
  • Best time to visit: 2 pm-5pm

Off The Beaten Places To Get Away From The Crowds In Da NangPhoto by Dennis Jarvis

6. Chessboard peak

Chessboard peak is the most spectacular stop to avoid the heat of city and take a delightful over panaromic view of Son Tra penisula. The road is along the poetic coast with pristine beaches and grasslands.
Over stretching road from the foot of the peninsula up to the top, all tiredness has gone away by the beauty of fairy sceneries. After a long way to Chessboard, you can enjoy the fantastic scenery over the peak, which itself drops 700 meters. For those who are fancy seeing Da Nang in an unfamiliar position, chessboard peak is truly a good choice.

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Off The Beaten Places To Get Away From The Crowds In Da NangPhoto by geolocation

How to get there

You can go from the Han River Bridge to Pham Van Dong Street. At the end of Pham Van Dong street, turn left into Vo Nguyen Giap street.

From Vo Nguyen Giap street, go straight about 2 km to Hoang Sa street, to the intersection, turn left. Then you continues to go about 3 km to reach the Linh Ung Pagoda. From Linh Ung Pagoda, you can head to Chessboard Peak. To "climb" up to the top, you need a steady hand drive and a "spirit of steel" because of the steep slopes.

Off The Beaten Places To Get Away From The Crowds In Da NangPhoto by tinhte.vn

Ban Co is probably most beautiful in the early morning, when the city is still sleeping and the sun is glimmering on the other side of mountain. Or in the late afternoon, sunset with pink light spreading down water surface offers a romantic view.

Visiting these places to explore the hidden spectacular part of Da Nang. At the bottom line, you are rewarded with some of the most photographed and loveliest sceneries.

Ban Co pass video

Useful tips

You should check the weather beforehand. On rainy days, due to the fog, there is not much to see.
The road are very narrow and steep, be concentrate on your driving.

What to bring

  • Camera
  • Drinking water
  • Sunscreen
  • Headwear

Important information

  • Address: Son Tra Peninsula, Danang
  • Open time: No opening time
  • Best time to visit: 14am-17pm


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