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How To Buy Universal Sentosa Ticket

How To Buy Universal Sentosa Ticket

Universal Sentosa has been always listed as one of the must dos for every trip to Singapore. No matter whom you go with, there are always full of entertaining activities to spend the happiest moments with them. Everything is convenient and easy if you go through the right process of buying the official ticket but the thorny question is how to buy the official Universal Sentosa Ticket?

1. Universal Sentosa tickets

The official ticket is called E-ticket originated from the tourist agent or Universal Sentosa ticket board. Your name and the agent's name are printed on the ticket.

How To Buy Universal Sentosa TicketPhoto by http://www.yienyee.com/

2. How to buy official tickets

If you are tired of waiting for an endless queue of buying tickets at the Universal, getting it online is irrefutably the fastest and most convenient way. However, the purchase has its own potential risks.

After booking E-ticket, you need to use Visa card to pay for the ticket. Then, 2 emails are sent to you with 1 email informing the ticket with your name and ticket cost and the other one titled: "This is your ticket" with barcode and ticket number.

How To Buy Universal Sentosa TicketPhoto by wqyap762

To buy a real E-ticket, it’s advisable to search for reliable tourist agents or service. If you don’t mind waiting for a long time, make your way to the Universal Sentosa gate and buy directly. Hopefully, this guidance of buying real tickets will assist you to avoid some unwanted cases.

3. Fake USS tickets

Normally, the E-ticket is real but the original manner of purchasing is illegal. The most common way of the scammers is hacking other people's bank accounts to buy US tickets then they sell those tickets to other customers with the lower price compared with the one on the website. It means they don't spend any money for that ticket and still get money from it by selling it to another.

There will be no problem if the owner of that hacked account doesn’t realize the hacking process after you use the ticket to get inside Universal Sentosa. However, in case the owner of that account acknowledges the scam, they will inform the bank about the hacking and ask to refund the money. At that time, your E-ticket is useless and you may be involved in trouble with the Singaporean police for buying unofficial tickets.

How To Buy Universal Sentosa TicketPhoto by JocieLilin

Even though Singaporean government has put a great effect on protecting users from fake tickets, there are a large number of illegal tickets purchased in Viet Nam and other countries, leading a miserable result for tourists.

4. How to distinguish from fake and real tickets

1. 100% fake tickets are from E-ticket in which there is no name of customers, tourist agent printed (Note that not all fake tickets are fake).
These fake E-tickets are hacked from hackers in China and India to get into account of users or the payment system on website so the information of the E-tickets from these hackers are always misleading and wrong.

2. The ticket is only used within 1 day and booked 2 or 3 days before the trip. According to the Singapore Tourism Management Board, fake tickets are hacked in a short time so users need to use the tickets before the bank realizes and blocks the ticket.

3. The cheap ticket with 50% off normal price is sold on the ticket board but you need to beware of using them as there are many cases not allowed to enter the park because the ticket doesn't work.

5. What happens if you buy fake USS tickets?

There are 2 problems if you buy fake USS tickets. Firstly, you are not allowed to enter the Universal Sentosa if the owner of the hacked account asks to cancel the payment. If you are still lucky, you still have time to wait for a long time in front of the ticket board and directly buy ticket. Of course, your money for that fake E-ticket will fly without wings.

Worse, you will have a “chance” to meet the Singaporean police because you had supported the illegal purchase even though you are a victim in somehow. You will not be able to get inside, spend more time of explaining about the scam and more.
In conclusion, to buy a real Universal Sentosa ticket, it’s advisable to ask these two questions:

  • Who is the supplier? (If they say the supplier is Universal Sentosa, never believe in them. Why? Because there is no supplier named Universal Sentosa, the only official supplier for US ticket is the Resort World Sentosa).
  • Who will take the responsibility if the ticket can’t be used?

This article is for those looking for the best way to buy real Universal Sentosa ticket. Try to not be cheated on by the lack of information and care.


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