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Coral diving in Son Tra Peninsula.

Coral diving in Son Tra Peninsula.

Known as a diverse natural conservation area with a large number of undrewater creatures, Son Tra Peninsula is worth being considered as a privilege that nature has generously bestowed on Da Nang city. Deep into the blue waters of Son Tra is a beautiful ecosystem. Recently, tourists have been interested in coral diving activity. Most of diving areas in Danang remains untapped, only one place has operated this business, it is the Son Tra Peninsula. Therefore, this activity is not known by many tourists and nature still preserves its unspoiled beauty. Do a snorkeling trip to enjoy beautiful coral in Son Tra Peninsula is a new and wonderful experience that not to be missed.

Coral diving in Son Tra Peninsula.Photo by V.T. Polywoda

Son Tra Peninsula is about 12km from Furama Resort Danang - the only resort in Da Nang city offers diving service with scuba equipment of PADI (professional diving organization). Most of the diving areas are scattered around Son Tra peninsula.

Son Tra Peninsula

Tho Quang Ward, Da Nang, Viet Nam
Opening time: 06:00 AM - 21:30 PM

Son Tra mountain (known as Monkey mountain) is on SonTra peninsula, with the perfect combination within ocean, tracks, and nature. Great for your private day.

Joining in diving tours to enjoy coral and shooting fish in Son Tra Peninsula, you will get memorable experience. You have a chance to be deep into the clear blue waters, watching beautiful coral reefs in all shapes and colors with many species of fish swimming in front of you. Besides the tender moment of swimming, you can get the unforgetable experience with company’s diving groups while hunting and chasing for heavyweight fishes. What great different emotional feelings!

Coral diving in Son Tra Peninsula.Photo by Shauna

Diving deeper into the water with a scuba, the colorful coral life is appearing at your sight. Emerged in the blue water are orange and green arrays of seaweed. There is also a purple array that is “dancing” on the "mountain" created by coral reefs.

The place is not only home to many corals with fancy shapes such as countertops, deer horn but also the place of residence and entertainment of many small fish. Barracuda fish like rotating roll around the rock while the soft-bodied coral trees are swinging in the water. The blue sea star groups and the bright sea anemone protect the clownfish inside - sometimes they curiously peeked out, gawking tourists swimming. In addition, there are diverse species of eel, lobster, scorpion fish, tiger fish stay in the cave.

Coral diving in Son Tra Peninsula.

Photo by dulichdanang365.com

Travellers who cannot swim will be instructed by skillful supervisor. The guides will help you to wear wetsuit, accompanied by a string of lead weighing 7-8 kg and a scuba.

Besides, visitors can experience a nunique fishing style in Viet Nam as you just need to situate on the water, do not use the rod and enjoy fish eating bait. Guests can admire the magnificent coral reefs and drop bait when seeing green birds and green cow fish right at your sight.
In addition, visitors are also served the best seafood and offered an opportunity to participate in some fascinating games on the beach.

Coral diving in Son Tra Peninsula.Photo by Quan 357 Hong Kim

Apart from the diving area at Son Tra Penisunla, tourists can take part in diving trip in Cu Lao Cham island. It takes about 45 minutes by speedboat from Furama Resort Danang, visitors will arrive at a small island which is well-known for its rich coral reefs in various shapes and colors. Marine Cu Lao Cham Life is highlighted by thick stretching coral reef. It is suitable for tourists who like to experience many hours on the water surface and under the ocean.

Coral diving in Son Tra Peninsula.
Photo by tinraovat.net

Diving center at Furama combines the natural beauty with safety and professional service at European standard, which create an enjoyable and safe diving excursion. Diving classes for beginners and those who want to learn advanced diving is held regularly at the diving center.

Besides diving activities, every summer, the Furama Resort Danang also introduces many water sport activities, and free swimming classes for children with their parents. The 45-minute Self Rescue Swimming class is designed to help children understand the basic knowledge of saftety under waters as well as the principle applied in order to save their life while swimming. Classes take place daily for children with pre-registration. For those who want to strengthen swimming skills, they can participate in swimming class everyday with no time limit, price VND 200,000 / hour / child.

Coral diving in Son Tra Peninsula.Photo by http://www.ksdanang.com/

Snorkeling for coral watching in Danang Son Tra Peninsula gives visitors the interesting moments of relaxation, to be immersed in the colorful marine life and to discover something new undersea. Garish colors and indescribable feeling give you a great impression that you will never forget.

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