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Best Places In Kuala Lumpur To Find Food For Under RM 10

Best Places In Kuala Lumpur To Find Food For Under RM 10

One of the wonderful things traveling can bring is not only open your eyes with gorgeous sightseeing, but also your stomach to fill it up with so many yummy foods you have never tried before.

Are you a gourmet person? Do you like the feeling of foodmeltedin your mouth and then you will never forget that taste? But the point thing is where I can find the delicious food at CHEAP pricesunder 10 RM when wandering in KL. Understand your concerns, it is our pleasure to help you not to feel a headache anymore with too much information on the internet. Let's take a tour with us tovisit some recommended cheap food and stores in KL reviewed by food lovers.

1. Coca’s Giant Laksa

The Giant Laksa, offered by the Coca Sea Food Restaurant located at Selayang, has been opened more than 11 years. It is not surprising that you can find a really long queue in front of this restaurant because each and every bowl is single-handedly assembled by the owner – Jason. The Curry Laksa here is indeed gigantic with curry noodles that are topped with more than 10 different ingredients, including char siew, roasted pork, curry chicken, blood cockle, pork ball, fish ball, fried bean curd, long bean, bean sprout, fried pork lard and so on.We recommend adding chili paste to the curry mee if it isn’t punchy enough. This is a good tip, especially for those who prefer their curries spicy.

Best Places In Kuala Lumpur To Find Food For Under RM 10
Photo by fiuzu

Be sure that you wake up early in the morning and ready for the queue if you don’t want to miss this since it is often sold out by 10am or earlier.


  • Normal (S) : RM 5.50
  • Normal (B) : RM 6.50
  • Add-On (S) : RM 8.00
  • Add-On (B) : RM 9.00


  • 29 Jalan Bidara 1,Taman Bidara, 68100 Selangor
  • Off : Wednesday & Thursday of 1st week of the month

2. Peter’s Pork Noodles

Peter’s Pork Noodle at Mayflower foodcourt (Money’s Corner) Brickfileds KL is claimed as one of the best pork noodles in Kuala Lumpur. The bowl of small pork noodle with egg is priced at 6 RM, a big one is 7 RM. Minced pork, pork liver, and pork slices are generously topped with your choice of koay teow, mee hoon, yellow noodles or a mix of these. The soup base falls on lighter flavor, tastes clean with the subtle sweetness of the pork. Adding a soft-boiled egg is a must, slurp it quickly into your mouth to have the creamy goodness well-spread in your palate. Yummy!

Best Places In Kuala Lumpur To Find Food For Under RM 10
Photo by Connie Ma

Peter’s Pork Noodle has now extended their operating hours from 7am – 10pm, allowing diners to tuck into their delicious pork noodle at anytime from breakfast to lunch, teatime, and dinner


  • Mayflower Foodcourt/ Money’s Corner Bricksfield, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Kuala Lumpur
  • Contact: 013-336 3953
  • Business Hours: 7:00am – 10:00pm

3. The Humble Chef Café Crazy Cheap Pasta

If there are one thing patrons of this food truck speak off, it’s the prices. Pasta dishes are tagged at 5RM, pitas at 4RM and omelets at 2.5 RM. What a surprise with this price! Why not try more than 1 portion?

Best Places In Kuala Lumpur To Find Food For Under RM 10
Photo by Nabila Naim

With continuous success, Humble Chef was shortlisted Best Cheap Eats in Time Out magazine’s KL Food Awards 2012 and 2013. In order to meet customer demand, Humble Chef open a dine-in café at Plaza Damansara.


  • 54 Jalan Medan Setia 2, Plaza Damansara, Kuala Lumpur 47400
  • Contact: +60 14229 6854

Business hours (See all days)

  • 06:30pm – 11:30pm
  • 12:00pm – 03:00pm

4. Restoran Win Heng Seng Hokkien Mee

Usually, the price is around 6RM but the Hokkien Mee here is more expensive for 9.50 RM. However, it is recommended by the local as a good KL Hokkien Mee. There are more ingredients (Prawns, pork) and more than that, it is fresh.

Best Places In Kuala Lumpur To Find Food For Under RM 10
Photo by cumi&ciki

The thick Fujian noodles have a slightly smoky aroma, but the kicker is the tasty pork land.


  • 183 Jalan Imbi , Kuala Lumpur 55100

5. Oasis Portuguese Grill Fish

Oasis Food Court is located on the 2nd floor of Mid Valley. It offers different types of cuisine, and one of the most popular stall here is definitely the Portuguese Grill Fish. The smell will remain on your hair and clothing after dining inside this place, but it is really worth trying the nice grilled fish. You can choose from a wide array of seafood, e.g. stingray, squid, prawns, and clams. It comes with a plate of white rice to tone down the spiciness. The spicy sauce is always the essence of a plate of this grilled seafood. So delicious! After GST added, a plate of grilled stingray is priced at 8.35 RM.

Best Places In Kuala Lumpur To Find Food For Under RM 10
Photo by marcus eubanks


  • S-JA3A, Lingkaran Syed Putra, Mid Valley City, 58000 Kuala Lumpur
  • Contact: +60 3-2284 5220
  • Business Hours: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

6. Yut Kee Restaurant Hainanese Pork Chop

Established in the year of 1928, Yut Kee Kopitiam is certainly one of the oldest kopitiams in KL, and still gaining glories as a famous stop for breakfast and lunch among locals as well as tourists.

Best Places In Kuala Lumpur To Find Food For Under RM 10
Photo by umami

It is no doubt that some reviewers commentingHainanese Pork Chop is the food to die for. Hainanese Chicken Chop (10 RM) is a large piece of Grilled Chicken with some Fried Potato and this served in a light but delicious brown sauce. The chicken is dipped into a thick egg and soy sauce. The perfect meat along with the brown sauce is deserved to be rated as one of the best Hainanese Chops. The portion is huge too and for sure is good for heavy eaters.


  • Jalan Kumuting, Off Jalan Dang Wangi, 55100 Kuala Lumpur
  • Business Hours: Daily, 8:00am – 5:00pm, closed on Monday.

7.Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee

The chili pan mee (7 RM) comes with minced pork, fried anchovies (ikan bilis), fried shallots, and a poached egg, along with a bowl of soup. Here, the chili flakes are placed at each table so that you can add in as much as you like. That does not come to a surprise as their ingredients made as fresh as possible. The noodle, as well as their condiments from the chilli sauce, are made with fresh ingredients.

Best Places In Kuala Lumpur To Find Food For Under RM 10
Photo by Ken Chan


  • No. 3-1, Jalan PJU 5/4, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
  • Contact: 03 6141 7398
  • Business Hours: Daily, 8:30am – 10:00pm

8. Warung Rindu Nasi Lemak Panas

Nasi Lemak would be one disk that represents Malaysia, it is such an irresistible favorite that Malaysians eat it all the time for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Warung Rindu is a great place for good and affordable nasi lemak. The fragrant nasi lemak panas mixed together with saccharine-piquant sambal with ikan bilis make this dish has a unique flavor.

Best Places In Kuala Lumpur To Find Food For Under RM 10
Photo by lysinewf


  • Jalan Kubur, Off Jalan Pantai Dalam, Bangsar South, Kuala Lumpur 59200
  • Business hours: Daily, from 05:00pm - 02:00am

9. Michael’s Western Food Steaks

Michael’s Western Food at Kuan Yew is well known by providing an affordable option for Western food. For 7.5 RM, you can get the chicken chop, served in big portion with fries and coleslaw. Taste is super good and definitely, compete with western restaurant level. In addition, the restaurant also serves Mexican chicken, fish and chip, lamp chop, sirloin steak and so on. The price ranges from 6RM to 22 RM. Let’s try!

Best Places In Kuala Lumpur To Find Food For Under RM 10
Photo by Phalinn Ooi


  • Restaurant Kuan Yew, Jalan SS3/31, SS3, Petaling Jaya.
  • (Corner coffee shop, just right behind Hup Soon Western Food)
  • Business hours: Daily, 5:30pm – 10:00pm.

How do you feel now?

I think you must be full and your mouth is watering when just looking at these pictures. It seems killing me. Now, the 10th food, also the last one we would like to show you is a dessert which you can easily find.

10. Nana’s Green Tea Tatedora

Head to Nana’s Green Tea on the 3rdfloor at Mid Valley to enjoy their new product – Tatedora.Tatedora is basically a folded version of dorayaki with bean paste and additional toppings. You can freely design your own Tatedora according to your own preference.

Best Places In Kuala Lumpur To Find Food For Under RM 10
Photo by nanasgreenteamalaysia

Favourite Paste – Red bean paste, black sesame paste, chocolate paste & lemon paste

Favorite topping – Fresh strawberries, Japanese rice cake (Gyuhi), Salted butter

Without topping, it costs 4.8 RM,by just adding an extra 1.2 RM, it will be even much much more delicious.


  • T-045A, Third Floor Mezzanine, Mid Valley Megamall, Lingkaran Syed Putra, 59200
  • Contact: +603 2386 6036
  • Business Hours: Daily, 10:00am - 10:00pm


My name’s Catherine, you can call me Kate. I love animals, writing and travelling.I started my Asian journey since 2003; and I have been nearly 20 countries so far. The more I go, the more I fall in love with this incredible continent. It has a unique beauty and distinctive culture that never fully explored. This’s why there are many countries I still keep coming back over and over again. I’m here to share with you my fun, sad or even scared memory on my backpacking trails. Hope it works on you!

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