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6 Bucket List Vegetarian Restaurants You Need To Try

6 Bucket List Vegetarian Restaurants You Need To Try

Thanks to the dexterity and subtle assessments of cuisine, Hanoi people have created not only hundreds of popular and specialty dishes but also stunning veggie foods that enrapture every tourists. Try out vegetarian food in Hanoi will make you change your normal viewpoint on vegan foods.

Following is top 10 vegetarian restaurants in Ha noi

1. Hoa Linh Restaurant

Located in the alley no.71 of Linh Lan street, Hoa Linh is a simple yet cozy vegetarian food stall. Though it is a small shop, it has a diverse menu that offers delicious and sophisticated vegetarian dishes. The main ingredients of all dishes here are fresh vegetable, rice, several types of mushroom and peas. The dishes taste so delectable at reasonable price. It just cost about 30,000 VND per person to fullfil your stomach.

The special dishes here are types of veggie "meat" pies that made from soya beans.
You can also enjoy the meditation music while eating or if you are an animal lover, you will be excited to play with the friendly and cute white dog of the owner.

6 Bucket List Vegetarian Restaurants You Need To Try

Photo by Nha Hang ChayHoaLinh

2. Khai Tuong Restaurant

Giang Vo street is famous for dozens of great restaurants and Khai Tuong restaurant is one of them. It takes a little effort to find out Khai Tuong as it's between a Japanese restaurant and a coffee shop. This restaurant has only one floor but offers a wide space with cool atmosphere. There are 2 spaces for you to choose; a space with wooden tables and chairs and the other one offer the short tables with sitting mattresses. This restaurant is famous for dishes made of mushroom; therefore, the suggested dishes here must be mushroom gruel, mushroom soup and mushroom hotpot.

6 Bucket List Vegetarian Restaurants You Need To Try

Photo by Com ChayKhaiTuong

Apart from mushroom dishes, there are many different attractive options like stir-fried rice noodle, bamboo sprout Pho, cabbage and ginger soup, fried rice mixed with seaweed and they also offer the yummy and nutrient sweet soup made of longan and lotus.

3. Truc Lam Trai Restaurant

Located at 39 Le Ngoc Han street, Truc Lam Trai is not only a vegetarian restaurant but also a meditation place for those who want to relax and get away from gross life. The menu here is collected carefully and the ingredients are processed sophisticatedly. People those who come to this restaurant are always please from the appetizer to the main course and the dessert also. Special food of Truc Lam Trai is the miscellaneous soup made of some types of vegetable and mushroom. Besides, the drink made of husked rice is also a great option.

6 Bucket List Vegetarian Restaurants You Need To Try

Photo by Nha Hang Com ChayTruc Lam Trai

Having dinner with your friends and family in the quiet and cozy of Truc Lam Trai restaurant will make you feel restful.

4. Nang Tam restaurant

Located at 79A Tran Hung Dao street, Nang Tam restaurant is known as the very first vegetarian restaurant in Hanoi. Though Nang Tam restaurant locate on a crowded street, it is not influenced by the annoying noise outside. Maybe the reason is this restaurant is so deep inside the alley and people those who come to this restaurant have to park their motorbike outside the alley and take a short walk to reach to the restaurant.

6 Bucket List Vegetarian Restaurants You Need To Try

Photo by Com Chay Nang Tam

Being established in 1995, this restaurant attracts many tourists especially the foreign tourists. The dishes here are highly appreciated with the subtle and skillful cooking style as well as the professional serving style.

Though this place is not as quite as other restaurants, it offers a good environment for you to communicate and make friends with many foreigners.

5. Homefood restaurant

Located at 26 Tran BinhTrong street, Homefood restaurant offer a totally new environment that is much more different from other vegetarian restaurants. It has a young and modern decorated style that attracts many young people to come and try out vegetarian food. Homefood has a divers and abundant menu with a sophisticated way of choosing ingredients. This restaurant also has buffet for you to make the most of eating with a reasonable price. Lots of people compare this restaurant with a boat that carries plenty of fresh and tasty veggie dishes. The special foods here are veggie fried meat pies and desert. Besides,homefood offers husked rice tea and Ha Giang salted sesame.

6 Bucket List Vegetarian Restaurants You Need To Try

Photo by homefood

6. Loving Hut Restaurant

Loving Hut restaurant is another restaurant for young and modern people in the city. It is also a popular address of office clerks by its eye-catching decorated style which is compared with a coffee shop’s space. You might wonder about the price of this beautiful restaurant at first time you see it. However,loving hut not only offer the stunning set meals but also has the reasonable prices. It just costs about 25.000-30.000vnd for one portion. And the interesting thing is that once you get a set meal you will have a free desert.

6 Bucket List Vegetarian Restaurants You Need To TryPhoto by Com Chay Loving Hut CuoiNguon

The special dishes at loving hut restaurant are the noodle soup and Pho. It also offer buffet on every the 1st and 15th day of lunar month.

Loving Hut

128 An Dương Vương An Đông tp. Huế Huế, Việt Nam
Opening time: 08:00 AM - 22:00 PM

Loving Hut is a well-known vegetarian restaurant in Hue. It's a part of international chain of vegan restaurants inspired by Supreme Master Ching Hai, an advocate for veg living.

Make your way to these suggested restaurants to enjoy the delicious vegetarian food and find out other unique features of Vietnamese cuisine in Hanoi.

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