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10 Hidden Coffees In Hanoi No Guide Will Tell You

10 Hidden Coffees In Hanoi No Guide Will Tell You

The Vietnamese drink coffee all day long. In the mornings, old men gather to chat over coffee and cigarettes. In the afternoons, office workers squat on tiny sidewalk stools for their afternoon break. In the evenings, many young people gather to chat and longer for hours. Today, Hanoians like to sit on small chair in pavement with a glass of coffee and it becomes a popular image of Ha Noi life style. Among hundreds of coffee shops, here is a list of 10 best shops in Ha Noi.

1. Giang Café (Giảng Café)

Giang café, one of the oldest coffee brands in Hanoi, has opened since 1946 by Mr. Nguyen Van Giang. He was the former bartender at the hotel Metrophole in Ha Noi.

Egg coffee, or cà phê trứng in Vietnamese, is a special drink you'll find at select coffee houses in Hanoi. If you like tiramisu, you'll probably like egg coffee immensely.

10 Hidden Coffees In Hanoi No Guide Will Tell YouPhoto by Lemi

Giang has not only delicious café with top quality in Hanoi but also the source of Sino café cuisine, one of the specialties of Hanoi. Egg Cafe is strong in taste of traditional coffee and rich flavor of egg yolk and sweet cream. All creates a smoothing flavor, fragrant aroma and sweetness. If you can't drink bitter coffee, you absolutely can sip a cup of hot/cold cocoa and sweet egg cream.

  • Address: 39 Nguyen Huu Huan Street, Hoan Kiem or 106 Yen Phu street, Ha Noi.
  • Hours: 7 AM-10:30 p.m.


  • You can have it either hot or cold.
  • Here is what to order: egg coffee, egg hot chocolate and regular iced coffee and iced hot chocolate.
  • The coffee shop is located in a small valley. If you can't find the shop, you can ask the local people for direction!

2. Dinh Café (Đinh Café)

10 Hidden Coffees In Hanoi No Guide Will Tell YouPhoto by Lê Minh Nguyễn

Dinh cafe is located on the second floor of an old French villas. The unique way getting to the café is to across a bag shop and go through the old staircase to second floor.This is a place that looks like a 50's French building. Sitting in this old room, looking out on the lake, listening to 60's rock n' roll, and drinking fabulous coffee was more than a good expeiren. This memory will lasts you a lifetime experience.

It's about 15,000 - 35,000 VND (about $1.50) for a cup of coffee.

  • Address: 13 DinhTien Hoang Street, Hoan Kiem Ward, Ha Noi.
  • Hours: 7a.m - 10:30p.m

3. Mai Café

As one of the oldest cafes in Hanoi, Mai café has been in Ha Noi for 50 years. From beginning, Mai cafe was different from the others because this shop sold coffee beans only for coffee roasters and buyers to take away. Nowadays, Mai also opens a café for Ha Noi people to get closer to their coffee traditional flavor. Not only the Vietnamese coffee beans, there are sources of Arabica and Robusta coffees, (two worldwide famous types of coffee) which leave a special impression on anyone who was once Mai Cafe. If you are walking across Mai Café, you can a strong attractive smell of coffee that will attract you to step in immediately.

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10 Hidden Coffees In Hanoi No Guide Will Tell YouPhoto by café Mai

  • Address: 52 Nguyen Du, Ha Noi.
  • Hours : 7 a.m - 11 p.m.

4. Ciao Café

Ciao Café is located right at the city center in 2 Hang Bai street. This shop has fairly modern design with lots of drinks, especially Capuchino and a top tasting food menu. Definitely make your way to Ciao Cafe to fully enjoy a cup of real local coffee and authentic taste of Ha Noi food. The cafe shop is often packed with local people, which is a good sign for its top service and foods.

10 Hidden Coffees In Hanoi No Guide Will Tell YouPhoto by Ciao cafe

  • Address: 2 Hang Bai Street, Hoan Kiem, Ha noi.
  • Hours: 8 a.m - 11 p.m

5. Cộng Café

Decorated differently from other coffee shops in Ha Noi, Cộng cafe is an ideal stop for local people to hang out. Old brick walls, old rustic brown tables and seats, the old screw are what you can see in Cộng. It's like another side of Ha noi in the past has been presented… with a model of airplanes, photographs reminiscent of a smoky fire during the war, the political picture and the scene of agricultural activities. All creates a distinctive hall mark o fCộng Cafe. Also, coffee beans from Buon Me Thuat city which is a famous coffee region of Viet Nam, make Cộng more well-liked. An outstanding drink of Cộng loved by many citizen and tourists is Coconut Coffee with pure latte and sweet creamy ice-blended coconut. There is no shortage of coffee in Cộng that you will be loving what you are tasting.

10 Hidden Coffees In Hanoi No Guide Will Tell YouPhoto by break_away: 093 468 2587

  • Address: 27 NhaTho Str. (great view to The Big Church) or 152D Trieu Viet Vuong Street; 68 Quan Su Street ; 15 Truc Bach Street.
  • Hours: 8a.m-11p.m

6. Hanoi Social Club

Hanoi Social Club community is quite famous among foreigners in Vietnam. Hanoi Social Club was built on a house with antique French with classical rustic design. The first floor has a bar in the corner, full ofpretty small pretty items around the room; 2nd floor is more quiet and cozy, with a balcony overlooking the quiet Hoi Vu road. This place brings a plentiful menu of breakfast and main course of salads, sandwiches, juices and other fresh pasta. Hanoi Social Club is smoke-free andlive music is added to its list of attraction. Many musical activities for young foreign artists have been organized in Ha Noi Social Club so this is an extremely ideal for those who love music.

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10 Hidden Coffees In Hanoi No Guide Will Tell YouPhoto by Hanoi social club

  • Address: 6 Hoi Vu Str., HoanKiem
  • Hours : 7.am-10p.m

7. The KAfe

The KAfe is a modern, energetic, casual urban café with a menu that reflects affordable good quality rustic foods inspired by flavours around the world. Their menu features the first unique selection of tapas in Hanoi, house-made cupcakes and more desserts. The KAfe, TheKAfe Village and The KAfe Box( takeaway store) always has its own cuisine, accompanied by impressive elegant decoration, suitable for dating, family and business meetings. The attraction of The KAfe is not only prettyspace, but also the delicious well-prepared menuwith new dishes, food trends favorites all over the world. In addition, famous desserts (cupcakes, tiramisu, bread-pudding, macaroon and more) and fresh juices with cheapprice are the highlights of the KAfe chain stores. If anyone interested Healthy Menu with detox juice or eating-clean meals, the stores of The Kafe will be the ideal destinations.

10 Hidden Coffees In Hanoi No Guide Will Tell YouPhoto by the kafe

8. Puku Café and Sports Bar

The very first impression when entering Puku Café is the open warm space intwo-floor wide old villas characterized as the Western Bar but also polite and quiet for dating or family meeting. A specialist of Pukuis opening 24h/7, so it would be able to serve you at any time. Many local people and foreigners choose Puku because they find it comfortable quiet place for work and enjoy Vietnamese coffee or Capuccino and delicious food all the time. Puku serves a delicious variety of food including Italian, Mexican, European, and Vietnamese all day. The spacious courtyard is ideal to indulge print some relaxed time away from the chaos of traffic over a cold beer or a glass of wine. This venue is perfect high energy to indulge in one's favorite sports live in the fully air-conditioned multi-screen Sports Bar with friendly humorous servicers.

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10 Hidden Coffees In Hanoi No Guide Will Tell YouPhoto by Puku Hanoi

  • Address: 16 Tong Duy Tan Str., Hoan Kiem, Ha Noi.
  • Hours: 8a.m-10p.m

9. Cafe Align

Entering Align Café space is like standing into an old rustic scenery, the purity of Hanoi with worn paths of old brick row, familiar ivory bamboo, classic architectural style of the old white house. More interestingly, the wall paintings are graphic 3d max - a graphics product in architectural design and animation. Align 3D is regarded as "headquarters" of 3D Hanoi and anyone with interest in 3D can come here and share their work or passion. The plentiful drinks and delicious menu will make you want to come back Align with friends and family to deep in the peaceful atmosphere again and again.

10 Hidden Coffees In Hanoi No Guide Will Tell YouPhoto by Cafe Align

  • Addess: 6 Thanh Street, Ha Noi.
  • Hours: 8a.m-11p.m

10. La Terrasse du Metropole Café, Hanoi

La Terrasse du Metropole is considered a one of the most special and luxury sidewalk cafésin Hanoi. La Terrasse du Metropole looks like a piece of Paris in Hanoi with big white building and bright wide view to street. This classic space brings a romantic impression and plentiful delicious food, particularly fresh seafood. Moreover, for those who love international standard macaroons and sipping a cup of tea, the La Terrasse is worthy to be in your must-come checklist. Althog the prices here are quite high, it serves enthusiasticly and professionally. La Terrasse du Metropole will be a meeting place for couples, but also suitable for starting a gentle morning for officers in Hanoi. If you would like to make a serious impression of elegant coffee culture in Ha Noi, La Terrasse du Metropole Café is the way to go.

`10 Hidden Coffees In Hanoi No Guide Will Tell YouPhoto by Hue Phuong Long

  • Address: 15 Ngo Quyen Str., HoanKiem, Ha Noi.
  • Hours: 8a.m-11p.m

These suggested places above embrace both classic and modern coffee shops that satisfy all ages. Just take this list with you and enjoy your great time in Hanoi

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