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Attraction No.6 Xihuwenhua Square , Xiacheng District, Hangzhou 310003, China Published on: 30-08-2016

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Zhejiang Art Museum to pie, as in, as easy as pie, then finding your way through this place is as easy as pie as well, except this pie belongs to Jareth, the Goblin King, and it resides within his ever changing kingdom of logic puzzles and tests of mettle.

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Why Zhejiang Natural Museum is special ?

Zhejiang Art Museum to pie, as in, as easy as pie, then finding your way through this place is as easy as pie as well, except this pie belongs to Jareth, the Goblin King, and it resides within his ever changing kingdom of logic puzzles and tests of mettle. The place is a maze, and in this maze David Bowie’s not running around trying to win my affections, so I don’t see the point, but having said that, their permanent exhibit is amazingly impressive with dinosaur bones and more dinosaur bones. So many dinosaur bones were there that we thought that they must have been fake, but we were reassured by the guard that they were indeed real, and as one of the descriptions read, at least one set of bones are, “the most well preserved bones in the world.” And we believe it! Of course, you’ve also got your fair share of stuffed animals—the museum kind, not the store bought kind you still unhealthy clutch onto. They’ve also a wide array of fossils from throughout China. Most of the signs describing the pieces on exhibit are in Chinese, but a fair share are also in English. Plan to spend at least one hour getting through all of the many exhibits

What to explore at Zhejiang Natural Museum?

Dinosaur display

Curious about dinosaurs, often arouse people's curiosity. This exhibition introduces the Mesozoic to dominate the formation of the evolution of dinosaurs and their next of kin of the entire planet, ecology, extinction, and dinosaur fossils. Exhibited excavations in Zhejiang Province, up to 22 meters of the Rhenish Jiangshan Long, Linhai, Zhejiang pterosaur, Zhejiang Jilantai Long, as well as Sichuan Mao Emei Dragon and the world's first new species of fossil specimens, but also specially set up for the audience to touch the dinosaur eggs and dinosaur fossils. Ambitious ecological landscaping, immersive sense of presence to the visitors. Dinosaurs and marine animals on display "won the 1998 National Top Ten boutique display.Marine animals on display

Marine animals on display

The ocean is the cradle of life, the origin of life in the ocean. The exhibition introduces the marine fish, reptiles and mammals, including the unique Chinese sturgeon, the return of Hong Kong mascot of Chinese white dolphins, leatherback, hawksbill and other national key protected animals, as well as the largest domestic and up to 12 m gray whale skeletons, and in Qiantang River ran aground Wen whales captured from the East China Sea, China's largest 12 meters long whale shark specimens. Vivid marine landscape, clear vibrant marine animal world, nature has given human beings a valuable asset to protect marine resources is the historical mission of the human.Paleontology display

Paleontology display

The origin and evolution of life is the eternal human theme. Creatures known on Earth about 150 million, a wide variety of biological how the world evolved. The fossils provide people with a direct proof, displayed on more than 200 pieces of paleontological specimens stored in rocks of various geological history, such as the Confucius bird, crinoids, ammonoids, sturgeon, fish and dragons, tortoises, as well as Neolithic Hemudu and other sites. Reveals the biological people rely on for survival on Earth has a long evolutionary history, designed to help people understand the past, enlightenment now, exploring the future.

Plants display

The plant is the patron saint of the survival of mankind, so the plants unique to the green as a symbol of hope and life. This display shows the form of resources, the use of plants as well as the importance of the living environment of mankind, edible, medicinal, timber and green environment of the plant Vying for fighting.

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No.6 Xihuwenhua Square , Xiacheng District, Hangzhou 310003, China

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My son is a huge fan of dinosaurs and I was recently told that there were a few of these, larger than life, creatures hanging about in the centre of town. So on one wet and rainy day we decided to hit the town and track them down. Travelling by metro we headed to Wulin Men where residing next to the Grand Canal was Zhejiang’s Natural History Museum, owner of the dinosaurs and home to three floors boasting more than 100,000 specimens. The ground floor is usually allocated to temporary exhibitions but also a permanent tree trunk rooting from over 100 million years ago. The second floor exhibits the story of Earth and through artifacts and colourful scenery you are taken on a journey of evolution. Finally we reached what my son had been waiting for, and I have to say the Jurassic park look alike is a must. There are a number of interactive games for you and children to enjoy and while most of the dinosaurs on display are plastic there is a small display of skeletons that in the majority are genuine. I am sure, like my son, you will have a roaring time when you reach this section. The third floor displays a mini zoo of stuffed animals and mammals as well as a mock menagerie. There are interactive games as well as a number of touch screens but sadly some of these are not available in English. Having said that and even though this museum has limited information in English it is a fun outing for all the family.

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Museum is in the West Lake Cultural Square (西湖文化广场)head to the metro stop by the same name. The museum is next to the Zhejiang Science museum and entry to both is free. The museum is closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and open 9:30 to 17:00 Wednesday to Sunday. No entry is permitted after 16:00. Inside is some pretty good permanent displays. The museum also has up to 3 temporary displays on the ground floor. I found the displays about local Zhejiang wildlife particularly interesting. If you are interested in birds then there are many specimens but you'll have to be wise on their Latin names as apart from this most of the info is in Chinese. Having been to a few museums all over China this is certainly the best for natural history and wildlife and I would especially recommend it to those with kids in toe as a few excibits are aimed towards children. A good morning or afternoon well spent.

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