Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

Attraction Japan 〒231-0001 神奈川県横浜市 中区新港1ー1ー2 Published on: 27-02-2016

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The Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse is a historical building that is used as a complex that includes a shopping mall, banquet hall, and event venues.

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Why Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse is special ?

The Red Brick Warehouse (Aka Renga Soko) is a pair of landmark buildings, an artsy shopping center, historic site, banquet hall, and event grounds. It is located next to the port in the Minato Mirai district of Yokohama.

The chilled vibe of the Red Brick Warehouse starts with its unique architecture. It's a massive building complex made of - surprise - red bricks, which are quite unusual in Japan. There are two main buildings running parallel to each other, with an open courtyard-like area in between. The interior of the buildings features the bricks, beautiful hardwood floors, and exposed ceilings. The appearance is very earthy and chic, and makes it a nice place to be.


What to explore at Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse?

The "Akarenga Soko" Red Brick Warehouse is one of Yokohama's most popular destinations for both tourists and locals alike. It's a great place to enjoy a walk or small picnic, or just sit around and stare at the sea. Because of its large open spaces, Akarenga is often the site for events - so there's always something exciting and fun happening.

Inside, you can browse small souvenir and food shops, have lunch or dinner at their several restaurants and bars, or enjoy an evening at Motion Blue - Akarenga's live entertainment house.


How to get to Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse?

6 minutes walk from Bashamichi Station on the Minatomirai Line (MM04)

Selling points

  • Beautiful view of the bay
  • Get a great view of Minato Mirai
  • Really nice boutique shopping
  • Nice area with some good restaurant
  • Well-restored buildings, good for a short visit
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Japan 〒231-0001 神奈川県横浜市 中区新港1ー1ー2

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Tips for you

  • There are a lot of event scheduled on this site, so you need to check them before you go.
  • Timming depends on various shops of Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse.
  • You can see many spring flowers in bloom in the surrounding garden.
    What to see
  • The No. 2 building is now home to a variety of shops, bars and restaurants, including popular breakfast spot Bills,
    What to know
  • No. 1 building gets used for a wide range of events, including exhibitions, fashion shows, concerts and even Muay Thai boxing matches.
    What to know
  • Restrooms on the higher floor have a shorter queue.
    What to know
  • There are a lot of shops inside selling various goods from souvenir type things, food stalls & clothing.
  • On the outside there is an array of tents with merchants selling there wares during the day of your visit.
  • The English address is 1-1-1 Shinko, Naka-ku, Yokohama 231-0001 , Kanagawa Prefecture.
    English address


TripAdvisor View more

The buildings are interesting to walk around from the outside and we were lucky to see many spring flowers in bloom in the surrounding garden. Inside is some restaurants (see my separate review of bills inside the Warehouse) as well as some souvenir shops. Apart from the dining experience we didn't spend long here. It was enjoyable just not really enough to keep my family occupied. We also enjoyed the amusement park nearby, and spent a few minutes observing the bay.

FourSquare View more

Love this place. Night view is great. Most for trips to Yokohama

Aka ranga is a beautiful old warehouse and it often hosts a variety of festivals year round. Oktoberfest is super popular. We love going here for food, but on the weekends and on holidays, it's almost too busy to enjoy. The stores are mostly all feminine Japanese boutiques, not bad but very specific style. The Bill's is the most popular restaurant here, but it's typically impossible to eat here on a weekend without waiting in line for at least two hours. Kua Aina is a great food option if you're feeling like a burger, but Grip Organic is also a favorite for healthier food. Breizh Cafe, from Paris, offers some incredible crepes. The caramel crepe is my favorite.

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