Wong Amat Beach

Attraction Bang Lamung District, Pattaya, Thailand Published on: 13-11-2015

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Wong Amat Beach is good for

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Wongamat is definitely peaceful beach to breathe fully into your lung as it can only access by walk, completely getaway from messy noise and air pollution.

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Why Wong Amat Beach is special ?

Wong Amat Beach is 1 kilometer long beach, but it seems like a closed beach because there are only a few streets heading to the beach. However, the gradually slope white beach is a good place to attract visitors to enjoy swimming. Additionally, there are not so many visitors as Pattaya Beach, so it would be an interesting option for family tourists to look after the kids easily.

Wongamat Beach is another little jewel of a beach, nestling in a crescent shaped bay, Pattaya’s Wongamat Beach has everything to offer. Wongamat Beach is probably a little bigger than Cosy Beach and it’s South Pattaya neighbor, Asia Beach, but it has the same laid back and tranquil atmosphere.

Wongamat Beach is quite picturesque, the sand is clean but coarse, and it is well maintained. Clean, roomy and friendly, Wongamat Beach is another “beach for the kids”, you don’t have to worry about them running around and kicking sand up in someones face or falling on someones lap.

What to explore at Wong Amat Beach?

You can walk the beach in peace or sit and talk with local people, or have a wonderful massage or get your finger or toe nails done,or swim,or sit and have a beer, or if you have any, get hair braids.

Wongamat Beach is still frequented by small fishing boats on it’s Southern tip, for me, this just adds to the charm, there is also a rocky outcrop which is an ideal place for a bit of fishing.

There are chairs for hire on the beach, plus restaurants and bars, access is easy and there are no steep steps to climb. The photo above was taken from the Rim Talay restaurant which overlooks the beach, there is also a bar on the beach here. The Rim Talay offer Thai, seafood and western food, and it’s right on the entrance to the beach.

Source: pattayaunlimited.com

How to get to Wong Amat Beach?

Visitors can go there from the dolphin roundabout, at North Pattaya, to Naklua area. Then turn left to, Soi 18 Naklua Road as it is the simplest way to go to Wong Amat Beach. As it is very close Pattaya City, visitors are able to go there by either a motocycle taxi or a Song Thaew.

Source: pattaya-adventures.com

Selling points

  • Very family oriented
  • Good little beach area
  • Away from the noise
  • Clean and Calm Beach
  • Sanctuary in the heart of the madness
4 days in Pattaya for backpackers

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Bang Lamung District, Pattaya, Thailand

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Tips for you

  • Many products offer local crafts, you can buy one with good price.
  • There are chairs for hire on the beach, plus restaurants and bars, access is easy and there are no steep steps to climb.
  • There are a little food here you should prepare your food for picnic. There is a little beach club in front of the Rim Talay Seafood Restaurant and they serve also great drinks and food include mg juicy burgers.
  • Bring your own water Bring your camera Bring sunscreen, hat, umbrella
    What to bring
  • Should come here in the early morning or afternoon late for private space and good sunset.
  • Should visits a beach in december, which is a shame because the evening sunset just set fire to the sky.
  • Do not come here on rainy day.
  • There are a lot of big rocks in the water and not good place to swimming. There are a couple of stray dogs who might end up chasing you. You can give them your leftovers so they stop bothering you. Be aware of them walking in front of traffic. Should bargain before you buy any things.
  • Close by the Sanctuary of Truth Temple. The beach next to the Centara Grand Mirage Resort is beautiful.
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Wong Amat is probably the most family-friendly beach in the Pattaya area. In fact, this is the area most favoured by Bangkok Thais for a weekend getaway. While it is not the most "exciting" part of Pattaya, it can be pretty relaxing.

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