Wangfujing Shopping Street

Attraction WangFuJing, Dongcheng Qu, Beijing Shi China Published on: 02-08-2016

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Wangfujing shopping street is a well-known shopping area in China. The street is a paradise for shoppers with Chinese restaurants, shopping malls and food vendors.

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Why Wangfujing Shopping Street is special ?

Wangfujing Street starts with East Chang'an Avenue in the south and ends with China Art Gallery in the north. This 700-year-old commercial street is 810 meters (0.5 miles) long and 40 meters (43.7 yards) wide. It is the busiest street in Beijing and there are 600,000 people every day come and go in the street and on holidays, the number can rise to 1,200,000. The first famous business zone in Beijing houses a wide variety of shops and boutiques where you find commodities, some of which are of world-famous brands. Apart from that, there are also many time honored stores with traditional commodities standing in the street for hundreds of years. Nowadays Wangfujing Street is a modern commercial street which is said to be the sister street of the Champs-Elysees in Paris.


What to explore at Wangfujing Shopping Street?

Wangfujing shopping street is anchored by large upscale shopping malls at each end of the pedestrian mall. The street is a shopper's paradise, filled with shops selling paintings and traditional Chinese arts and crafts, trendy boutiques and upscale chain stores as well as restaurants serving everything from McDonald's cuisine to Peking Duck.

Take time to wander through Beijing Department Store, at one time a dowdy place to shop by foreign standards but popular with middle-class Chinese of decades past. Renovated in recent years, Beijing Department Store is now trendy and upscale, rivaling almost anything you'll find in Manhattan. Still displaying a wide variety of merchandise, the store remains ever popular with Chinese shoppers.

Just up the street from the Beijing Department Store is another Wangfujing landmark: the Foreign Languages Bookstore. The store sells books, art supplies, videos and CDs on several floors, but the street level is the place to buy coffee table books about China in a variety of languages as well as cookbooks and books to help you learn the Chinese language.


How to get to Wangfujing Shopping Street?

By subway

Take the subway line 1 and get off at Wangfujing Station. The Exit A leads to the commercial street.

By bus

Take the bus 10, 41, 59, 99, 120, 126, 127, 203 or 205, and get off at Wangfujing Station.

Take the bus 103, 104, 127, 201, 211, 420, Special 11 or Express 2, and get off at Wangfujing Lukoubei Station.


Selling points

  • The most famous shopping streets
  • The street is a shopper's paradise
  • Traditional Chinese arts and crafts
  • Large upscale shopping malls
  • Books, art supplies, videos and CDs
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WangFuJing, Dongcheng Qu, Beijing Shi China

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Tips for you

  • Visitors can take a sightseeing bus at south end of the street which runs through Wangfujing Street and Nanheyan Street. The bus runs 50 minutes altogether with 8 stops.
  • There are davenports every several meters prepared for you to have a rest.
    Things to do
  • You can also use the shopping barrows along the street for free.
    Things to do
  • There are a number of street food stalls and shops
  • Great place for people watching and souvenir shopping
  • This place seems to be crowed all the time, make sure you watch out for scam taxis, scam shops, scam foods, etc.
  • This street is not far from Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City
    Things nearby
  • Some stuffs are overpriced here, make sure you bargain down to 30% before buying it.


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Nice place for wandering and shopping. Haggle! Never pay for more that 1/3 of the starting price. Also be careful of pick pocketers; keep your bag zipped and in the front.

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This street is famous for its local and exotic foods to both locals and tourists, alike. There's plenty of dumplings, lamb/chicken/pork kabobs, fried foods, and plenty of other foods that can replace a sit-down dinner.The prices are moderate, since this is definitely a tourist attraction. But you can go to other night markets with better prices.For the shock value, TRY THE SCORPION!! Believe me, it's really not that bad!! Since it's fried, takes like ordinary fried food. So if you lose a bet or are challenged to a dare, don't worry, it will taste fine.If you're even more daring, try the starfish, sea horse, or even snake!

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As a Chinese Ive been to this street since my childhood. It was so modern and fashionable but now it decays. The most noticed part for my visiting this time is the not-so-shinny PRADA shop. Now Zhongguancun(beijing silicon valley) and Xidan are all more updated with high shopping malls and so on. But Wangfujing is not that traditional anymore and also not that "in". The snack street is the same like before, disgusting fried insects and very crowded. It is worth to go for a foreigner as you will experience a lot. You call the snack street as "night market" and it starts at 5pm.

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Huge variety of shops and stalls. Chinese department stores, very expensive designer stores, art galleries (very expensive), tourist shops, shopping malls with all western mid price shops - so far nothing special, but attractive because of the variety. There are also 2 great huge book shops that have enormous selections of books in all languages and DVDs. And then there are the areas behind the main shop facades with the interesting food choices, that reviewers are raving about. However, the food stalls are selling huge quantities of fish, meat and vegetable skewers. All Chinese are eating and enjoying it. There are also the different skewers with scorpions, etc etc, but they were not sold that much, although I saw some Chinese families eating a handful of scorpions and millipedes as if they were rare delicacies. Worth a visit. Also lots of other tourist stuff, including the "dress up as the emperor" photo shoot. I was in the Main Street also approached by language students trying to lure me into a tea shop. Wangfujing is definitely a place where you can spend a few hours looking around, buy excellent books at normal prices (not the inflated prices at the sights that need lots of time bargaining down), have a great lunch (great restaurants inside the malls) and in general enjoy people looking, especially the local Chinese tourists

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