Upside Down World Danang

Attraction Da Nang, Vietnam Published on: 29-05-2018

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Upside Down World Danang with special, unique architecture, breaking all gravity rules, you will be confused between floors and ceilings. Watch out, things can “drop” on your head.

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Why Upside Down World Danang is special ?

Upside Down World Danang with a total of 10 rooms, 7 of which are upside down from living room, bedroom, kitchen, toilet, laundry room and minimart.

Upside Down World Danang also has 3 more rooms with vintage design and 90 – degree concept, 2 rooms are ready (hairdresser’s and Vietnamese restaurant) and 1 is being completed.

Especially, the most outstanding would probably the pastel pink kitchen with Hello Kitty theme, and Nobita’s study room in Doreamon with time machine and magic door.

What to explore at Upside Down World Danang?

Each room has different corners for photos, all of them are decorated with many colors and interior suitable for real life. Entering the house, you will be wowed to see all interior are upside down. Talking about that strange feeling when you are walking on the ceiling, not the floor, with things flying above your head.

The upside down reality will surprise visitors, making you feel like you are entering a magic world. Come to Upside Down World Danang to take exciting photos to share with your friends.

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