Shopping 6-9-5 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo Prefecture 104-0061, Japan Published on: 20-04-2016

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Global Japanese retailer Uniqlo has opened a huge flagship store in Tokyo’s Ginza district.

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Why UNIQLO GINZA is special ?

Global Japanese retailer Uniqlo has opened a huge flagship store in Tokyo’s Ginza district. Designed by Wonderwall’s Masamichi Katayama, famous for his innovative work with BAPE and chic Parisian boutique Colette, the Ginza flagship, which has twelve floors and takes up a whopping 5,000 square meters, is the company’s biggest store in the world.

Uniqlo's 12 floors has the best of the best collections from their offerings. It has separate floors for men, women, kids, extra size etc...It is located in a very nice area in Tokyo, close to restaurants and other stores.

Also, they have separate counter for Tax free payments for overseas customers buying goods exceeding JPY 10,000....

Tip: be sure to bring your foreign passport.

Selling points

  • “Best heat-tech puffy jackets”
  • “Huge shopping mall”
  • “12 floors of shopping ”
  • “Good with free tax”
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6-9-5 Ginza, Chuo, Tokyo Prefecture 104-0061, Japan

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Like most people from Europe I was super excited to see and to shop in the largest store belonged to UNIQLO.I spent a fortune especially on ultra light jackets and coats at 1/3 the price you pay at home.However when I got home I discovered that my coat was leaking so much feathers i looked like a chicken,When I enquired in one of the major stores in London they told me to email customer services for help as it was purchased in Japan but the manager acknowledged the state it was inTHIS IS WHERE THE FUN starts.I sent the coat in for examination and to shorten my 2 months of emails the ending to my saga is that, they simply would not swap it for the same coat that they stocked in store (same colour same size).They told me that they would refund me what I paid in yen based on what I paid for it when I was there as in yen currency from over 4 months ago.So a worldwide company that had at least 40% overseas customers in it every time I visited it will sell to tourists but buy something faulty and you can not get a replacement/proper support.I was and am completely disgusted with their customer services or lack of and I think that when you are about to buy ANYTHING FROM UNIQLO in Japan they should make you aware that if the product fails or falls apart basically your stuck with it.One law for Japan one for the Rest of the world not a world wide company like HM, GAP and all the rest

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I have been to this location 3x now and if you are looking especially for their t-shirts, you need to come here! Also, make sure to check the end caps where they put "dead stock" (on sale stuff) where you can get 5 dollar shirts, 10 dollar sweaters. The big plus for Uniqlo is on site alteration which is common in Asia. (On a side note, Muji in Asia also offers this service and in Japan, it is free). I wish we could offer this service in the U.S. so that men would wear their pants correctly!

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We spent at least 2-3 hours in this store - 12 levels of great prices and all sorts of variety! We were there during the new year sales, which had amazing bargains. 100% cashmere sweaters for USD 40... Merino wool sweaters for USD 15...Remember to pay at the Level 1 cashier to get your goods tax free.Also do check the shelves that have clothing still in transparent plastic bags. I believe those are stock they're phasing out (hence they don't even bother hanging them up), and so they have extremely good discounts on them. I got a 100% silk top for less than USD 10.

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12 floors of affordable Japanese fashion. What more you want? Everything is here. Your favorite tops and bottoms. The baby department is also huge. Take a walk on the top 2 floors and be surprised.

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