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Attraction Uluwatu Temple, Bali, Indonesia Published on: 13-11-2015

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Uluwatu Temple, or Pura Luhur Uluwatu, one of six key temples believed to be Bali's spiritual pillars, is renowned for its magnificent location, perched on top of a steep cliff approximately 70 metres above sea level.

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Why Uluwatu Temple is special ?

This temple also shares the splendid sunset backdrops as that of Tanah Lot Temple, another important sea temple located in the island's western shores.

Pura Luhur Uluwatu is definitely one of the top places on the island to go to for sunset delights, with direct views overlooking the beautiful Indian Ocean and daily Kecak dance performances. Balinese architecture, traditionally-designed gateways, and ancient sculptures add to Uluwatu Temple's appeal.

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What to explore at Uluwatu Temple?

Without a doubt, what makes Uluwatu Temple spectacular is its cliff-top setting at the edge of a plateau 250 feet above the waves of the Indian Ocean. 'Ulu' means the ‘top’ or the ‘tip’ and 'watu' means a ‘stone’ or a ‘rock’ in Balinese. Several archaeological remains found here prove the temple to be of megalithic origin, dating back to around the 10th century. There are two entrances to Uluwatu Temple, from the south and the north.

A small forest lies at the front and hundreds of monkeys dwell here. They are believed to guard the temple from bad influences. The serpentine pathway to the temple is fortified by concrete walls on the cliff side. It takes about an hour to get from one end to another as there are several fenced points along the way to stop. The views from the bottom of the water surging up against rocks and the ocean horizon are remarkable.

The Balinese Hindus believe that the three divine powers of Brahma, Vishnu, and Siva become one here. That belief results in making Uluwatu Temple a place of worship of Siva Rudra, the Balinese Hindu deity of all elements and aspects of life in the universe. Pura Uluwatu is also dedicated to protect Bali from evil sea spirits.

Highlights and Features

Behind the main shrine in one of the courtyards of Uluwatu Temple lies a Brahmin statue facing the Indian Ocean, considered as a representation of Dhang Hyang Dwijendra. The two entrances to the temple area are split gates with leaves and flowers carvings. In front of each of them are a couple of sculptures shaped like a human body with an elephant head.

A heritage of the 10th century is the one-piece winged stone gate to the inside courtyard of Pura Uluwatu. Winged gates are not commonly found on the island. An addition to Pura Uluwatu in the 16th century is Pura Dalem Jurit. There are three statues in it, one of them is of Brahma.

There are two stone troughs in the temple area. If both of them are joined, they create a sarchopagus (Megalithic coffin). Uluwatu Beach, below the cliff, is one of Bali's best internationally-known surfing spots.

Source: http://www.bali-indonesia.com

How to get to Uluwatu Temple?

Take the bypass main road to Nusa Dua and to Jimbaran and then follow the ascending road up to Uluwatu.

Source: http://www.bali-indonesia.com

Selling points

  • Windy & Scenic Cliff Views
  • One of the top 3 temples in Bali
  • Splendid location with stunning view
  • Wonderful Scenery and Kecak Dance
  • Beautiful temple standing on the rock cliff
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Uluwatu Temple, Bali, Indonesia

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Tips for you

  • You can book tour guide who ties the "surong" near the ticket counter would be happy to do the service for usd 10
  • Every six months according to the Balinese 210-day Pawukon cycle, big temple anniversary celebrations are held at the temple. The temple's keeper, the royal family of JroKuta from Denpasar, are patrons for the event.
  • There is also a very scenic cave underneath with rock formations leading onto a beach close to the temple
  • Balinese Kecak Dance is a daily performance.It is a spectacular traditional dance with the group of people playing this dance with fire game. You should arrive early to get a good seat)
  • Visitors must wear a sarong and a sash, as well as appropriate clothes common for temple visits. They can be hiredat the entrance.
    What to wear
  • Prepare some peanut or bananas in exchanging for stolen possessions. Sometimes it works.
  • The atmosphere may be better in the very early morning because of less crowed
  • It’s not very ideal to visit on the rainy days since the road to temple can be muddy
  • Be aware of the monkeys. They are very cheeky and willing to grab any of your belongings, most are bags, glasses, hats…
  • There are number of good white sand beaches on the Bukit Peninsula which many consider the best in Bali:Balagan, Bingin, Dreamland, Padang-Padang, Nayang, Pandawa, GunnungPayung
  • There is There is a stunning, modernist, purpose-built cliff-front wedding chapel close to NyangNyang Beach and the Bulgari Hotel, and a number of resorts offer specialist wedding packages and planning.
  • If you are riding a rented motorcycle from Kuta, be aware that you need an IDP (International Driving Permit). Police perform frequent checks for driving licenses on the road between Kuta and Uluwatu, especially targeting foreigners. If you can not present the necessary paperwork you will be faced with a fine anywhere from Rp20,000 to Rp300,000.
  • A small forest lies at the front and hundreds of monkeys dwell here. They are believed to guard the temple from bad influences.
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Pura Luhur is a Balinese Sea Temple and a Balinese Directional Temple at Uluwatu on Bali. It was built in the 11th century. It is located in Pecatu village, Kuta South District of Badung Regency.

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Один из самых важных храмов для Бали. Обязателен для посещения :) А лучше на закате (в 6 вечера). Если пройти сквозь лесок налево, попадете на пустынную скалу с красивым видом.

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Este templo es uno de los mas sagrado de la Isla. Hay que ir allí para ver la puesta del sol increíble al estar encima de un alcantilado. Cada tarde se puede asistir a unas danzas balinesa

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It is not only wonderful as a temple, but the location that mesmerizes much more. The cliff, the waves and the sunset makes it so much worth to go there.

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Its a good place to go during sunset. the kekack fire dance was a good experience. only thing you need to be beware of are the MONKEYS. the monkeys are trained by local banana seller to steal the sunglasses and run away. they try to act to feed banana to the monkey who in turn returns the sunglasses. thereby you need to pay the banana sellers the money for returning the glasses. better to keep your sunglasses and hat inside or any object that can be taken away from the Monkeys. A place where Hanuman is shown as a Hero in ramayan in kekak dance, the monkeys stealing objects are potrayed in bad light.

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