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Ukima Park is a functional park with the baseball ground, tennis court or Jyabu Jyabu Pond. Even though there are several parks in Tokyo, it’s still one of the favorite place of both local people and foreigners

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Why Ukima Park is special ?

Ukimia Park is an area of water and greenery in front of Ukima-Funado Station on the JR Saikyo Line that was opened in 1985. About 40% of the park in is taken up by Ukima Pond. On the pond’s shore stands a windmill, built as a symbol for the park, with its image reflecting on the water. The park also has a variety of sports facilities surrounded by nature and greenery, and the voices of children can be heard from the various playgrounds across the park.

What to explore at Ukima Park?

- Windmill of Ukima Park Built during the earliest days of the parks development, the windmill has stood tall through various challenges the city faced. This has contributed to the parks declaration of the windmill as its sign and symbol.

- Sports Area The sports area is open to the public and features many great equipment centers such as the tennis courts and baseball fields. Some of the most famous Japanese athletes are said to have been trained in this park.


How to get to Ukima Park?

Ukima Park is accessible traveling the JR Saikyo Line to Ukima-funado Station. Once reaching the station it is a 1 minute walk to the park.

Selling points

  • Water and greenery
  • Heaven scenery
  • Large kid’s ground
  • For a quick break
  • A metropolitan urban park
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〒174-0041 東京都板橋区舟渡2丁目15

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Get off the Ukima-Funado Station of JR Saikyo Line, walk half round the front of the station rotary, and Watariu the way of bus street, there is already a Metropolitan Ukima park. Feature of this park is "Ukima~ke-chi". In relic of the pond who renovate Arakawa, only in the Metropolitan Park, is fishing OK. During that for either the morning from one day, you have a number of angler that occupy to the brink of the pond. In the back of the park there is a tennis court and baseball field, is just also Paid parking is available nearby. In the spring blooming cherry tree, come a lot of people. Perhaps because it was originally factory zone, does not have too many commercial facilities in the vicinity of the park. Shopping, such as lunch, the shop along the front of the station rotary (fast food, Bento-ya, convenience stores, etc.) and, let's go to the supermarket under the station north elevated. The return, if you go to the bar along with fellow, there a few shops in the center under the station and elevated. Since the bar is also not too much, if you are planning to use in multiplayer, it is prudent that had been reserved.

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