Tu Lan Cave System

Attraction Tan Hoa Village, Minh Hoa District, Dong Hoi 45000, Việt Nam Published on: 22-03-2017

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Explore the untamed jungle and limestone mountain region of Tu Lan Cave System

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Why Tu Lan Cave System is special ?

The Tu Lan Caves system consists of more than 10 caves, some of which were originally discovered in 1992, and some are found out only in the past few years. Hang Ton, first discovered in 1992 and then is further researched in 2012, is the first discovered cave in this complex cave system exploration. From the door of the cave, we can see the beautiful scenery of the valley below, and promises more adventures inside. An inner ladder leads down to the cave floor, and from there the new journey begins, where visitors must swim through the cave to reach the exit on the other side.

What to explore at Tu Lan Cave System?

To discover Tu Lan cave, you have to trek through the remote and pristine forest, cross the field with cows grazing grass; lurking between the huge blurry limestone mountains, swim in cool cool water and enjoy breeze through the mountains and valleys.

The reward for the journey is watching the butterflies around the campsite, having a hammock under the starry sky, sitting on the campfire together to tell stories, singing and drinking some good wine; listening to the sounds from beautiful waterfalls near you, learning Vietnamese together from simple sentences and famous songs, singing the national anthem, playing games and especially enjoying grilled pork, fresh fruit, rolls, and much more, experiencing the almost unexplored land, and being proud to be in one of the few areas with the largest biodiversity in the country.

Not only beauty, adventurousness at every visit to the cave also makes this trip incomparable to anything else. As you swim through the cave, you will be surrounded by gorgeous limestone formations, visible only with the light from your headlamp. Just leaving behind the fading daylight when you enter into the cave.

The scenery is peaceful and tranquil and certainly brings an unforgettable experience in your life. As you complete swimming and step out of the cave, the scenery here surely overwhelm you: the clear blue lake, the green trees, and the small waterfalls. Tourists have described that this is the heaven on earth.



Tan Hoa Village, Minh Hoa District, Dong Hoi 45000, Việt Nam

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