Tree of Prosperity

Attraction Wynn Macau, Macau, China Published on: 10-10-2016

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Tree of Prosperity designed to thrill and excite guests as they enter the Rotunda Atrium of Wynn. It performs a choreographic masterpiece of sculptural patterns, music, video and light.

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Wynn Macau, Macau, China

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  • Showtime is approximately 7 minutes


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We chanced by this while heading to Wynn casino. It happens every half hour. People wait there before the show starts so as to get "front row" view. Beware of rowdy tourists who would push their way to the front. It's a circle at the entrance of Wynn which has the zodiac on the ceiling and the horoscopes on the floor. At every half hour, the show starts. Won't elaborate and spoil for show for anybody. Worth checking out if u are in the area.

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It is a very interesting performance for me. The Tree of Prosperity is a part of performance. It was performed in the front door of Wynn Macau. I saw the performance last year but I still remember it. I saw a big and delicate lid on the ground and the ceiling also had a lid. At the beginning of the performance is a light show. The lid opened slowly and the light revealed from the lid. It was very cool. I saw the light transforming into different kinds of shapes. It was very interesting and magnificent. My friend told me the performance changing from time to time. So I think you will see different performance in different time. At the end of the performance you can see Tree of Prosperity rising from the ground and the light on the ceiling dropping from the top. It was shock to me because I could not image there was tree under the ground. They stopped when they were very close to each other and constituted a very wonderful scenery. Many people throw coins at the tree. All the show last for about 20 minutes (If my memory serves me right). It really worth watching.

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