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Shopping South Korea, 서울특별시 영등포구 영등포동4가 442 타임스퀘어 Published on: 13-11-2015

10:30 AM - 10:00 PM
Apparel & Accessories
Food & Spirits
5.00 USD

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Times Square is a shopping mall in Seoul, Korea. It is one of Seoul's largest shopping malls featuring the CGV Starium, the world's largest permanent 35 mm cinema screen.

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Why Times Square Mall is special ?

Times Square is a huge Shopping, Business and Cultural complex located in Seoul, Korea. Times Square Complex opened in 2009 and many buildings are broken up into offices, hotels, a hospital, Shinsegae Shopping centre, convention and wedding halls, a multiplex, shopping malls, CGV cinema and more. Times Square Seoul aims to be a modern trendy city within a city where people can visit and do everything in one area. Times Square has hundreds of shops to choose from and is very popular with young couples who go shopping or go on a date. There are over 20 major / high class brands located in Times Square and plenty of entertainment facilities. When building the complex a lot of green space and gardens were incorporated to give a feeling of tranquility while shopping right in the centre of busy Seoul.

Source: http://www.exploringkorea.com

What to explore at Times Square Mall?

Going Times Square, you can find many different kinds of terms such as cloth, books, foods, shoes and so on.

What sets Times Square apart from other malls is its cultural spaces. Instead of being filled with stores from the ground up, the first floor features a spacious lobby and a small round stage. The upper floors offer well-spaced shops, a movie theater, a bookstore, a game center, coffee shops, restaurants, and pubs. There are plenty of open outdoor spaces like the ecology park, fountain, rooftop garden, and more.

After shopping, you can return the first floor where there are many good restaurant to enjoy and relax.

How to get to Times Square Mall?

Subway line #1, Yeongdeungpo Station- use the underground passageway

Subway line #2, Mullae Station, exit #4- 7 minutes walk

Subway line #5, Yeongdeungpo Market, exit #4- 10 minutes walk

Selling points

  • More Awesome Shopping In Seoul
  • Big, Very modern
  • Biggest Shopping Mall
  • Great mall with great things
  • Very affordable shopping place

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South Korea, 서울특별시 영등포구 영등포동4가 442 타임스퀘어

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Tips for you

  • Toilet is available.
  • You should keep eyes on your children to avoid getting lost.
  • You should save your individual materials carefully because this place is very crowded.
  • You should not exchange money in this crowded place.
  • The mall is located at 442 Yeongdeungpodong 4(sa)-ga Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul South Korea
  • This mall is a bit far from Myeongdong/Dongdaemun/Namdaemun so if you're staying in those areas, you might have to budget your time accordingly.
  • You can visit its website to get more information about the mall.
  • Parking is available.


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We went for the Modern House, not knowing how HUGE it is. Next time, we'll plan a whole day trip, to be able to explore all the shops. Especially as it has a variety of options for lunch and/or coffee

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I have been to this mall every time I have visited Seoul (3x now) and while I enjoy the selection the mall has to offer (mostly mainstream brands like Muji, Uniqlo, Zara etc), you'd probably do better price wise in Myeondong/Dongdaemun/Gasan Digital Complex, especially if you're looking for Korean fashion. That being said, this mall is huge and you could easily spend a day here. It is quite a way from Myeongdong (where I usually stay when I visit Seoul), so you might want to take that into consideration if you have time constraints. Also, if you go to the food court, it is self service. That is, you order from a group of cashiers in the back, pay, and then you get a buzzer where you then go to the appropriate vendor to pick up your food. At the time, I went, they didn't have English menus, so I had to take a picture of what I wanted and then show it to the cashier. Also, I noticed August tends to be a big sale month and that there was a big event for SPAO (leading Korean clothing chain) selling clothes at bargain prices just outside the mall. I do not know if this is a regular event, but probably something to keep in mind if you love their clothing.

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