Tiger Kingdom Phuket

Attraction 118/88 Moo 7, Kathu Thailand Published on: 26-06-2016

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The Phuket Tiger Kingdom offers the opportunity to get closer and personal to the amazing tigers of different age and sizes.

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Why Tiger Kingdom Phuket is special ?

Tiger Kingdom Phuket is a relatively new addition to the group of attractions in the Kathu area a part of Phuket. If you want to get up close with real live fully grown tigers then this is the place to come. These are the options at Tiger Kingdom. A couple hours here will stick with you forever, and knowing that the tigers at Tiger Kingdom Phuket are treated with great care will help to give you peace of mind. You can do every thing from bottle-feeding the baby tigers to bravely posing with and petting the big guys. The tigers are not sedated like at other tiger places in the world and the facilities are extremely clean. Tiger Kingdom Phuket assigns professional staff with each group of visitors to ensure everything goes smoothly and comfortably. Did we mention you can also hire your own on-site photographer so you can focus on the fun instead of your camera? If playing with tigers is on your bucket list, Tiger Kingdom Phuket is the best place we’ve found to do it.

Source : http://www.patongtour.com

What to explore at Tiger Kingdom Phuket?

Most visitors came and spend a relatively short time in Tiger Kingdom, more than often they would encounter that these tigers are always sleeping. But cats are cats and they sleep up to 18 hours a day, just like kitty at home.Please do not assume our cats are drugged. To make the most of your visit, our staffs will play with the tigers during the day. And our cats are also trained to sleep and rest at night.

Playing & touching with tigers in enclosure without chains

Provide Photographer Service guide you how to act with CD inclusive of 40-70 img

Bring your own camera photo of your memory inside the cage

Source : http://www.patongtour.com

Selling points

  • A cute experiencewith the babies
  • Tiger Haven in Thailand
  • An experience like no other
  • Mixed emotions about tiger Kingdom
  • Well-trained and experienced staff
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118/88 Moo 7, Kathu Thailand

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Tips for you

  • Bring your own camera, (and a selfie stick),you will not need to pay for the photo service.
    What to bring
  • If you gently stroke the cats,it will feel ticklish and irritated,especially to a sleeping tiger. The best method is to cuddle and stroke the cat firmly to make it feel comfortable.
  • Can't do the Lion King scene as you are not allowed to hold the baby tigers up
  • Baby Tiger are playful and likely to play with you. Sometimes when playing it tend to be a bit rough or bite, so do be careful when handle with them. Can't touch the upper body part of the Tiggers (for safety reasons).
  • All tiger cages visited within an hour if there is no lines
  • Wash your hands before walking in (tigers are cleaner). Do not forget to talk to the trainer you are put with, you learn some amazing facts and will hear some lovely stories. Don't bring your bag inside as tigers apparently love to play with the straps
  • Don't use flash. Don't walk alone in the parks


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The attraction is not cheap, but totally worth it. I was also a bit prejudiced about going to a place where wild animals are kept and trained to be around people. However, the experience was great. It seems that the animals are treated very well and have a good life. You can pick which tigers you want to be around - from the smallest to the biggest. I believe it goes: smallest - small - big - biggest. You can also choose to spend time with all. THere are bundle options. My friend and me went to small - cute adolescents playful and more active than the bigger members of the family.There were a lot of them, Some sleeping, some awake. Then we moved to the biggest. Some of those cats were also napping in the shade, but some were up. The visit was thrilling and a lot of fun. The interaction with these magnificent predators was unforgettable and very exciting. This is a fabulous place and is absolutely worth visiting. You need to follow the instructions carefully though, as these cats are used to people, but still they are wild very powerful animals. The personnel is friendly and there is a lovely souvenir shop if you want to get a token.

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