Thousand Islets Lake

Remote Qiandaohu Town, Chun'an County 311700, China Published on: 27-07-2016

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Thousand Islets Lake, located within Chun’an County of Hangzhou City in Zhejiang Province, is China’s first artificial lake built in 1959 as well as China’s largest national park. It’s 129 kilometers from Hangzhou and 140 kilometers from Huangshan.

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Why Thousand Islets Lake is special ?

Thousand Islets Lake, located within Chun’an County of Hangzhou City in Zhejiang Province, is China’s first artificial lake built in 1959 as well as China’s largest national park. It’s 129 kilometers from Hangzhou and 140 kilometers from Huangshan. It covers the area of about 573 square kilometers, which is over 100 times larger than West Lake in Hangzhou. The lake has the extreme depth of 117 meters and the average depth of 31 meters, with the water visibility ranging from 7 to 12 meters. Due to its favorable environmental protection, the water quality of Thousand Islets Lake ranks first among that of those rivers of lakes in China. Thousand Islets Lake go its name due to its 1,078 islets in the lake. Thousand Islets Lake has the largest number of islets in the world. Thousand Islets Lake is one of the 44 State-level scenic spots in China. It forms a travel network together with Wes Lake, Mt. Huang, Taihu Lake and Mt. Wuyi. Thousand Islets Lake Scenic Area is rich in scenery resources with crystal water and various islets with different sizes and forms.

What to explore at Thousand Islets Lake?

- The annual average water temperature of Thousand Islets Lake is about 19.6℃. In the lake, there are about 83 varieties of fishes, including some famous and precious fishes, such as mandarin fish and eel. Thus, the lake is also the largest fishing ground, suitable for exhibition and fishing, being the paradise for fishing enthusiasts. Besides, the scenic area also abounds with abundant animal and bird resources, with 90 varieties of birds, 1,800 varieties of insects and 61 varieties of animals. Thousand Islets Lake is celebrated as the Green Thousand Islets Lake, due to its forest coverage rate of 95%, with 1,800 varieties of plants. It was approved as the national forest park in 1986. Thanks to the surrounding mountains, tourists can appreciate various kinds of pretty followers in full bloom and enjoy a variety of fruits and local products, including sun-dried fish, sweet dates and hickory nuts.

- Besides its wonderful natural scenery, Thousand Islets Lake also boasts a number of ancient buildings and ancient historical and cultural sites, including two ancient towns dating back to 1,800 years ago.

- There are several ways to tour the lake. Tourists can go sightseeing around the lake by bike, which takes about 2 days for the whole trip. Besides, many tourists will choose to take a cruise boast to travel around the lake and go sightseeing.

How to get to Thousand Islets Lake?

- From Hangzhou West Long Distance Bus Station(杭州汽车西站) from 6:00 to18:50 and run every 40 minutes. Buses from Thousand Islets Lake at Qiandaohu Long Distance Bus (千岛湖长途汽车站) travel from 5:20 to 18:00 and run every 40 minutes. Price is CNY 60/ person

- From Xiaoshan Airport, departure time are 11:00, 13:20, 18:00 and 20:40 everyday. Price is CNY 72/ person

- From East Railway Highway Bus Station, it departs from 8.00 to 18.00 nd run every 1hour and 20 minutes. Price is CNY 65/ person

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  • “Great Boat Cruise"
  • “Absolutely awesome”
  • “A natural paradise in China!”
  • “Amazing scenery!”
  • “Nice relaxing day, on the boat.”
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Qiandaohu Town, Chun'an County 311700, China

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Tips for you

  • Direct buses are available at Hangzhou West Long Distance Bus Station(杭州汽车西站). Buses are available from 6:00 to18:40 ,and run every 40 minutes. Direct buses from Thousand Islets Lake are available at Qiandaohu Long Distance Bus (千岛湖长途汽车站). From 5:20 to 18:00, buses depart every 40 minutes.
  • On of the most popular ways to visit the lake is to Take a cruise boat around the lake and enjoy its beautiful scenery.
  • You should sample the distinctively cooked seafood and some local food here.
    Things to do
  • The best time to visit Qiandao Lake is in autumn and winter, when there is less rainfall.
  • Visitors must be careful while touring on the island. You should not provoke the monkeys by teasing with food, or they may hurt you.
  • It is located on the western end of Thousand Island Lake, 12 kilometers away from Qiaodaohu Town.
  • Don't forget to take home souvenirs like inkstones, hemp embroideries and products made of pearls.


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Qiandaohu Lake is a man-make lake along Xinjiang River for a hydro project in late 1950s. Pretty sight for photography. Out of the thousand islands, only a few were occupied and given name. There were a few newlyweds taking bridal photographs at the Love Island.It is indeed a great getaway over the weekend if you are staying in nearby cities like Hangzhou and Shanghai.

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Pretty scenery with the lake and many hills. Also blue sky's! But roadworks everywhere made entering and exiting where we wanted to go difficult. Not much to see and do and defiantly not catered to westerners. A bit too much effort for the reward.

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Did not know what to expect before going there and was very pleasantly surprised with a very green and natural scenery. We were blessed with very nice and sunny weather which gave us a perfect view of the many islands that make up the 1078 islands! A must see sight and photograph! It is hard to believe that this lake was artificially made yet it is so large and looks so natural. We stayed at the Intercontinental Hotel, a jewel! Only built in 2011, installations are brand new and all in perfect working conditions. There are also many nice hiking trails surrounding the hotel to explore. A great place to spend a relaxing weekend in touch with nature near Shanghai (350 kms away).

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Thousand-Island Lake, south west of Zhejiang province is indeed a shining pearl on the Hangzhou-Huangshan Mountain tourist route. Comprising 1,079 large islands and a long zig-zag lakeshore line with green mountains, fresh air and clean water, it is spectacular, breathtaking and scenic and worthwhile visit. We cruised around the lake and savoured the famous, delicious and wonderful fish head soup for lunch on board. Only it was a wee bit too salty! We also had land visits as part of the boating experience, cable rides up and down to the highest peak for a bird's eye view of the lake. Indeed, it was a trip to remember!

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