Tham Nam (Water cave)

Attraction Vang Vieng, Laos Published on: 13-11-2015

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The Water Cave is simply a network of rivers running through the mountainside. The cool thing is that you can hire a tube and torch for 10,000 kip and follow a rope right through the cave.

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Why Tham Nam (Water cave) is special ?

It's a beautiful underwater caves that need a big rope to get inside. It's really a challenge, especially during rainy season when the water level is high with strong flow. But once you got inside, it's really rewarding.

The Water Cave is simply a network of rivers running through the mountainside. The cool thing is that you can hire a tube and torch for 10,000 kip and follow a rope right through the cave. This water is chilly, but the 30-minute return journey is worth the minor discomfort. Dry bags are also offered to guests so you don't have to leave your valuables behind.

The Water Cave is a short walk from the Elephant Cave -- ask villagers for directions.


What to explore at Tham Nam (Water cave)?

A really interesting and challenging spot, where you will have to do some tubing with lifeguard ropes to get inside. Depending on the water level, you'll be able to explore the Water Cave or not.

You will go all the way in and it lasts around 1 hour with the guide explaining to you how it is like and how they made the rope in here and stuff like this. There are a few times where you need to walk with your tube inside because of the low water levels and to reach the end. The guides will advise you to get off your tube and walk and there are places which are really deep and he tells you not to flip over. Awesome experience inside and your hands get really sore after going in and out from pulling those ropes.

The process of getting inside the cave was really challenging, especially during rainy day with high flow. But on the other hand, it was really fun getting inside, especially when you struggle with the tube and the life rope

Selling points

  • “Ziplines, Tubing and Caving in one!”
  • Extremely interesting experience
  • “Nice tubing cave.”
  • Beautiful underwater caves
  • “A Cool Experience Not Available Elsewhere!”
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Tips for you

  • If you drive motor bike from town to the cave, the main road is find but the sub road to the cave is very rocky.
  • If you discover the cave by yourself, in order to go in the cave you have to rent flash light which cost you 10,000 Kip.
  • Food at the restaurant the restaurant only have beef if you are vegan or non-beef you can ask her to put egg instead.
  • When you get to the exit you need to wait to leave because people will be coming in. There then becomes a traffic jam of tubes, so you need to be patient.
  • Bring water resistance bag and camera! Bring water shoes as you may for a small amount of walking inside.
    What to bring
  • Visit early in the morning as it gets very busy with tourists in the late morning through early afternoon!
  • Remember to check the weather beforehand to avoid raining and freezing cold.
  • You should have companions (tour guides) when discovering the cave for your safety.


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this cave is part of the tour I have bought. tubing inside the cave which is very dark and very cold. there's a head flash light to use inside the cave. preparing your flip-flop, water resistance bag and camera! if you want to take any photo inside, use flash light and be careful. this cave and the tubing is one thing you should do in Vangvieng.

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