Tham Chang Cave

Attraction Vang Vieng, Laos Published on: 13-11-2015

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Tham Chang Cave is the most famous cave that used as a bunker in defence against marauding jęen hór (Yunnanese Chinese) in the early 19th century

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Why Tham Chang Cave is special ?

Tham Jang is a cave just to the southwest of Vang Vieng, Laos. Approached by a bridge over the Nam Song River and then a long flight of steps, a spring is located about 50 metres (160 ft) inside the cave.

The cave is said to have been used as a refuge during the 19th century from Chinese Haw bandits and this explains its name: chang meaning 'loyal' or 'steadfast'.

Walk over a cool bridge, take left and you'll see the stairs up to the cave and the nice green/blue water on your left. The cave itself was quiet and interesting for tourist to discover. Inside the cave, the location of the Buddha (virgin statues) with the lights shining just on it is wonderful view.

Entrance is via Vang Vieng resort south of town. For your entry fee you get into the caves and the lighting system will be turned on. Although the cave is not the most magnificent, it serves as a superb lookout point.


What to explore at Tham Chang Cave?

There was a small pool near the entrance where you could swim and the water felt quite warm. Just down from the cave there is a patch of grass where you could have a nice picnic or read by the river. Besides, one of the paths leads to a view point outside the mountain where you can enjoy stunning scenery of the countryside.

There follows a series of chambers all well lit and easy to take photographs in. As is usual with caves there are lots of legends and shapes attached to structures in side.

Look out for an elephant, the monk's chair and a hole where a naga lives. There is also a stalactite which you should tap three times and make a wish.

How to get to Tham Chang Cave?

The Chang cave is situated on the Southern side of Vang Vieng. If you just follow the Nam Song road (road on the river) and follow the signs to Jam Mee guesthouse. When you pass Jam Mee guesthouse you follow the road till you get to the gate of Vang Vieng resort. Here you have to pay 2000 kip per person for crossing the bridge.


Selling points

  • Beautiful views from the top
  • Stunning scenery of the countryside
  • Easiest cave to visit in Vang Vieng
  • Amazing adventure
  • Lovely blue-water pool
3 days in Vang Vieng for backpackers

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Vang Vieng, Laos

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Tips for you

  • You would prefer chose motorbike to there, if you want to enjoy the countryside you can rent a outdoor bike.
  • You don't need a guide, no torch, it has light, it's a tiny temple inside and the best of it all, you can take a bath in a really nice clear blue and cold pool after a good hike.
    Things to do
  • There is a nice blue pool before the stairs to the cave to swim in during the wet season
    Things to do
  • One of the paths leads to a view point outside the mountain where you can enjoy stunning scenery of the countryside.
    What to see
  • Plenty of areas to have a picnic around the cave and stalls selling snacks.
  • My advice if you go without an organized trip is to make clear at the start no money for guide.
  • The climb until the entry of the cave could be a little hard for children (with 147 steps) or not sportive people.
  • For the cave, you shouldn't need to take good flashlight and shoes, the cave is very good illumination, and there is good ways on it.
    What to bring
  • Bring swimming suits and dry cloths
    What to bring
  • You might want to go early to avoid walking in the heat of the day or encountering minivans full of Japanese tourists loaded with enviable camera gear
  • To get to Tham Chang cave you go all the way to the end of the road closest to the river (turn left if facing the river) then turn right at the Vang Vieng Resort.
  • You will have to leave your bikes at the bridge and pay a 2000 kip toll per person as well as 2000kip for a bike
  • There is about 4km between the center of the city to the cave. You will have to paid around 5.000LAK (for go and return) to cross the private hotel which have the bridge to go to the cave.


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had an amazing adventure. The caves were amazing and the tour told us traditional stories about Laos and the people absolutely suggest doing it!

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