Teuk Chhou Rapids

Attraction Teuk Chhou, Kampot, Cambodia Published on: 13-11-2015

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Tek Chhou Rapids are a couple of kilometers past the zoo, and are a popular place to picnic and have a dip in the river.

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Why Teuk Chhou Rapids is special ?

 Food vendors and gazebo structures provide the amenities for a kick back and soak it up lazy afternoon. Since the construction of the Kamchay hydro dam further upstream there is less water in the rapids but still worth the trip. Teuk Chhou is in fact a series on sparkling natural rapids with crystal clear water which is always cool and fresh. A line of food stalls satisfy picnic makers with everything from fruit to whole roast chicken and catfish, to banana and coconut roasted in banana leaves (a specialty of Kampot).

What to explore at Teuk Chhou Rapids?

It is the best place to spending on swimming and having with your family in a beautiful river. Go around visiting local view and zoo and enjoy delicious food here.The visit to Teuk Chhou Rapids is very captivating and exciting if you visit during the rainy season, or combined with a trip to the Teuk Chhou Zoo. Before arriving at the rapids you will be able to see a lot of street vendors and hawkers with all sorts of odd stuff to flog you, bypass these guys and head down to the rapids.

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How to get to Teuk Chhou Rapids?

Cross the main river in Kampot Town, turn right down a wide dirt road and after about seven kilometers you will come to one of the most peaceful, pleasant little hideaways in the province.

Selling points

  • Relaxing picnic spot
  • A recreation site for locals
  • Best place for full moon
  • Nice place to chill out
  • Very beautiful River
2 days in Kampot for family with kids

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2.0 days
129.10 USD
Total travel distance
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11 places




Teuk Chhou, Kampot, Cambodia

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Tips for you

  • You should hire a bicycle to be easy for moving and visit the local view.
  • The best time to visit is on the full moon day, you will have opportunity to admire amazing place, have dinner in the evening and listen the sound of water flow. So romantic!
  • If you want to swim, the morning is suitable because the clean water and peace waves.
  • Beware of people who ask for money to sit in the hammock area, we refused and they will go away.
  • Swimming may be dangerous, especially with children.
  • Swimming should be followed your tour guide.


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A nice place to stop if cycling along the road to the zoo which is nearby. The rapids are about 300 meters further north where there are numerous food and drink stalls. It's pretty much the last stop as further on still the road comes to an end at the power station. The rapids are at full flow when they open the gates at the dam but it can happen at any time as it depends on the level of the water in the dam and if it is dry season or wet season. Despite the almost lack of rapids it's still a nice place to go for a paddle or lie in a hammock (I paid 2000 riel).

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