Terminal Maritimo do Porto Exterior

Attraction Avenida da Ponte Amizade (Friendship Road), Macao Peninsula Published on: 10-10-2016

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The Terminal Maritimo do Porto Exterior, more commonly referred as the Outer Harbor Ferry Terminal, is the major entry into Macao.

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Why Terminal Maritimo do Porto Exterior is special ?

The port is a pivotal place for visitors-exchanging and goods-trade, and it is the main border crossing by ferry from China mainland and Hong Kong. If you come from Hong Kong by ferry, this is the necessary entry to Macao ( ferries to and from HK all stop here). It is where you need to go through immigration.

As a terminal very convenient and central enough that facilitates the travel between Macao and Hong Kong, the ferry service there is now available all-round 24 hours, with ferries leaving every 15 to 30 minutes most of the day. And the trip from HK to Macao takes only 1 hour. Quite effective transportation.

This terminal is located in a short walk from a vast shopping center, including countless Casinos in the city. Most importantly, the Ferry Terminal is quite close to some best-known tourist sites such as St. Paul’s Cathedral Ruins, Macao City Center, etc.

Source: http://www.chinatravel.com/

What to explore at Terminal Maritimo do Porto Exterior?

As the main function of the Macao Ferry Terminal is to serve people for a comfortable, fast and enjoyable trip, the port, at the very first, is to make the transportation easy for the visitors.

Therefore, ferries come and go timely on schedule; immigration visas are easy to get; foods and snacks are well served for visitors. When you arrive at Macao Ferry Terminal, you will be welcomed by Macao Fisherman's Wharf and Sands building among other buildings.You can enjoy your trip on the ferry and have a fantastic sightseeing of Macao.

Macao is well known as a “gambling town”, so it welcomes visitors to enjoy the sights, food and, especially the Casinos. You can feel free to enjoy. Beside the Ferry Terminal in Macao, hundreds of casinos and hotels sit there, which provide visitors with great convenience of entertainment and accommodation. A majority of Macao's larger hotels and casinos have free transfer service from the Outer Harbor Ferry terminal directly to the hotel and casino facilities, such as Venetian, Galaxy, Star World, and so on.

There are some restaurants on the top floor, some small shops near where the immigration checkpoints are, and of course the ticket booths for getting a ferry back to Hong Kong. Don’t worry about food, there are good eatery providing in the port.

Free wi-fi is available in the port.

Source: http://www.chinatravel.com/

How to get to Terminal Maritimo do Porto Exterior?

You can get there by ferry

Selling points

  • Main Entrance Point into Macau
  • Convenient port of entry
  • Beautiful port
  • Worth a short visit
  • Entrance to Macau
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Avenida da Ponte Amizade (Friendship Road), Macao Peninsula

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Tips for you

  • If you have plans to go to the casinos there are free shuttle buses that pickup and dropoff customers here. Its a matter of going across the street to catch one of the shuttle buses.
  • In addition to the box offices there is a Mc Donald's and some small souvenirs shops
    What to see
  • This is the best way to get in and out of Macau from Hong Kong. It is just a terminal. If you are coming from Hong Kong, but your tickets and book a later return time just in case you wish to stay longer.
  • You can always leave earlier than the booked time but if you try to leave after you booked time you lose the ticket and will have to buy another.
  • There is no baggage claim belt or whatsoever. The porter will be waiting there with the luggage.
  • Make sure that you leave any attraction or casino at least one hour before your departure. Ferries won't wait for you.
  • Crowds can sometimes be a bit unruly and annoying. Try to travel back before 4:30 p.m. or later to avoid peak traffic.
  • This terminal is located in a short walk from a vast shopping centre, including countless Casino amongst the most beautiful and spectacular of the city
    Things nearby
  • You don't need to pre book your tickets, just come and purchase them at the Turbo jet counter, open 24hours, with ferries departing every 15mins and 30mins after midnight.
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Arrival I took New World First Ferry from Kowloon to Macau Ferry Terminal. The journey took around 1 hour. When you arrive at Macau Ferry Terminal, you will be welcomed by Macau Fisherman's Wharf and Sands building among other buildings. Disembarking the ferry and I was quickly in the arrival hall. Immigration There were several lanes; for Macao residents, Hongkong residents, groups, and for foreign passports. Chinese Mainland passport holders must queue at foreign passport lanes and the lanes were pretty long. Approx every 30mins there will be new arrival of another ferries. Luckily, the immigration officers were pretty quick and I could clear immigration within 30mins. Baggage Claim No, there is no baggage claim belt or whatsoever, but merely counters and in case your ferry company has no counter - like the one I took - the porter will be waiting there with the luggage. Somehow I felt sorry for him because he had to wait a bit long for me to clear immigration, I tipped him generously. Public Area This area is filled with regular stuff you would see - bank counters, post office, shops, and restaurants. Getting Transport I arrived there during Grand Prix Weekend last November 2010. The main road was closed for the race circuit, so the many free shuttle buses were rerouted somewhere else across the road. One need to take escalator and walked through the covered overpass. It was clearly marked and many signs from hotels and casinos. You just need to look for your destination.

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This is the main border crossing by ferry from mainland China and Hong Kong. Have entered and exited from here on numerous trips from Shekou (China) and Kowloon. It has the feel of an airport, people coming and going - announcements in dual languages and signs. On my recent trip a few weeks ago, I was surprised that immigration visas have been made easier from a previous trip 12 months ago. There are no immigration forms to complete on the vessel, the immigration officer scans your passport which produces a printed visa for 30 days to be attached to your passport. It was simple and easy... I guess that Macau welcomes visitors to enjoy the sights, food and, of course...Casinos. Oh..while you might be enjoying yourself...make sure you leave any attraction or casino at least an hour before your departure time. Ferries won't wait for you.

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