Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (Man Fat Sze)

Attraction Lots 358-359,IN D D 185, Shatin, Hong Kong, China Published on: 05-08-2016

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Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (Man Fat Sze) is Hong Kong’s most famous Buddhist temples. A hike up almost 500 steps is as the way to heaven.

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Why Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (Man Fat Sze) is special ?

The Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (Man Fat Tsz), located Po Fook Hill at Pai Tau Village, Sha Tin in the New Territories is one of Hong Kong’s most famous Buddhist temples and popular tourist attractions. The temple was founded in 1949 by the Reverend Yuet Kai and completed in 1957. The monastery is not residential and is managed by lay-persons. It should not be confused with the Po Fook Hill Ancestral Halls which lie directly below it.

View of the lower level of the monastery complex from top storey of the nine-storey pavilion. Kwun Yam Pavilion is in the foreground with the rather gaudily externally decorated Ten Thousand Buddhas Temple in the background. The preserved corpse of the monastery's founder, Reverend Yuet Kai (The Diamond Indestructible Body of Yuexi) is displayed in a glass case in front of the main altar.

What to explore at Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (Man Fat Sze)?

- The monastery is built over two levels on a bamboo forest hillside overlooking Sha Tin and occupies an area of over eight hectares. It has five temples, four pavilions, one verandah and a pagoda and is reached by a steep concrete path with 431 steps.

- The path is lined on either side with 500 life-size gilded Arhan statues.

- At the top of the path is the lower level terrace where the main temple (Ten Thousand Buddhas Hall), Avalokitesvara (Kwun Yam) Pavilion, Samantabhadra Pavilion, Manjusri Pavilion, 18-Arhat Gallery, Naga-puspa Hall and 9-storey pagoda are located.

- The main temple whose walls are lined with almost 13,000 miniature Buddha statues

- Three large gilded Buddha statues are also on display in the main hall behind the embalmed body of Reverend Yuet Kai, seated in a glass case

How to get to Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery (Man Fat Sze)?

(1) MTR East Rail to Sha Tin Station*(see note 1 below). From station exit B take the ramp alongside the bus terminus, down to street level and past Pai Tau Village on the left. Continue walking forward a short distance to the junction with Pai Tau Street on the left (the distinctive Grand Central Plaza mall which is the location of Homesquare and the IKEA store is directly opposite).

(2) Pai Tau Street alongside Grand Central Plaza, the location of HomeSquare and IKEA

(3) Follow Pai Tau Street and take the first street on the right, Sheung Wo Che Road and follow this street alongside Shatin Government Offices and a multi-storey car park.

(4) Sheung Wo Che Road and, left, Shatin Government Offices

(5) At the end of Sheung Wo Che Road is a yellow direction sign for the monastery and the path and staircase leading up to the monastery lie about 30-metres beyond. The walk from the station to the start of the path leading up to the monastery takes about ten minutes.

(6) At the end of Sheung Wo Che Road follow this path which leads to the 431 steps to the monastery's lower terrace

Selling points

  • Quiet and beautiful retreat
  • Enjoyable little gem in Sha Tin
  • Best free activity in Hong Kong
  • A Thousand Steps to Heaven
  • Amazing piece of culture
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Lots 358-359,IN D D 185, Shatin, Hong Kong, China

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Tips for you

  • Easily accessed via the MTR and then a short 5 minute walk to the start of the stairway to the monestry.
  • Stairway can feel very long if it's a hot day, but should take no more than 10-15 minutes to get to the top.
  • Combine with a trip to the museum on the other side of the train station, and you have a brilliant day in the real HK.
  • Best done first thing in the morning when it is cooler.
  • Stairs leading to the Monastery are very steep. People with joint pain should think twice before visiting this place.
  • It is located near Shatin village.
  • One can have a distant view of the city from a height.


FourSquare View more

One of the most interesting place in HK. Just dont confuse it with cemetry that is next to and is better visible from main road.

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A bit further out: Walk up the hill to see 10000 buddhas, multiple temples and many worshippers along the way.

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The room of the 10000 Buddhas is beautiful! there is so much gold it is almost hard to take it all in... go early to insure it is not crowded.

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This is a well kept secret. It's in HK's new territories and you have to change MTR lines at least 3 times (coming from central) to get there. When you get to the station it's not quite clear how to get to the monastery, however it's just about a 10 minute walk and quite a few steps from the station. As you walk up the stairs the Buddhas on each side of the path make the climb easier and enjoyable. Once you get up there you can enjoy the view, more Buddhas and the breathtaking beauty of the monastery.

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Ten thousand Buddha Monastery is off the beaten track, even for a Hong Konger. Located a stone throw away from IKEA at Sha Tin, the place is an epitome of tranquility, a welcome relief from a bustling city. Be prepared to walk up a medium incline (431 steps). If you're visiting with kids (3 years & upwards), don't worry about it - they can cope (atleast mine did). Once at the top, the monastery itself is beautiful & offered excellent views of Sha Tin township below. The prayer hall, where you will find ten thousand Buddha statues, is fantastic. Do pay attention to the rules around no food and photography inside the main prayer hall. Key things: Total trip time (ex Sha Tin MTR) is about 2 hours. Don't bring food as there is no place you can sit to eat. There is a vegetarian restaurant at the monastery, but we ate at the New Plaza, which houses IKEA. Bring lots of water to keep yourself hydrated (especially in the summers). Don't forget your camera :)

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It's really pretty once you get to the top but you need to be prepared because it's quiet a harsh hike to get there.

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