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Tarlac itself is one big sandbox of various outdoor activities. Tarlac Recreational Park is a 78-hectare land that has rugged trails for mountain bikes and dune buggies, an Olympic-sized pool, a lagoon for kayaking, swimming pools, and a multi-use field.

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Why Tarlac Recreational Park is special ?

Tarlac itself is one big sandbox of various outdoor activities. Tarlac Recreational Park is a 78-hectare land that has rugged trails for mountain bikes and dune buggies, an Olympic-sized pool, a lagoon for kayaking, swimming pools, and a multi-use field.

If you are looking for an all-in-one destination for outdoor adventure. Check out the Tarlac Recreational Park (TRP) with your entire family or big group of friends. The venue of the 53rd Palarong Pambansa in 2010, this sprawling sports and adventure park has a wide range of amenities like an Olympic-size swimming pool, football field, athletics oval and race track, as well as various outdoor activities like ziplining (PHP 100 per ride), camping (PHP 100 per head), kayaking (PHP 50 per head for 30 minutes), fishing (PHP 100 per day), mountain biking (PHP 50 per 30 minutes), airsoft (PHP 250 per game) and exciting off-road rides on ATVs (PHP 200 per 20 minutes) and dune buggies (PHP 300 per 20 minutes).

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What to explore at Tarlac Recreational Park?

SWIMMING: Let’s go for a dip!

The TRP boasts of its two large kiddie pools and its olympic -sized, tournament capable swimming pool. It is only here where you can find water excitement and competition in an ambient environment.

CAMPING: Let’s go and sleep under the stars!

The warmth of a bonfire in the middle of rocky hills, sleeping under the moon and stars and waking up to the smell of fresh grass and morning dew- this is a nearby campsite that gives you the feeling of being in a mountain from out of town. Highly recommended for team building activities, retreats, scouting events, and your own family or barkada overnight activity.

KAYAKING: Let’s go paddling!

Experience serenity in still-water kayaking in the middle of the park’s lagoon. In the midst of the singing of birds and the soft splashing of the water- you’ll find that it’s all you out there wi

FISHING: Let’s go reeling!

Learn the virtue of patience here-outdoor style! From catch and cook to catch and release, you may practice your hidden fishing skills in the TRP lagoon and on different ponds around the park. After reeling in that prized catch, the grills are always ready by the poolside so you may share it with friends and family.

DUNE BUGGY and ATV RIDES: Let’s go cruising!

All-terrain driving has never felt this exhilarating! There are no low or high gears on the trails- there’s just your gear and your skills. Navigate through the park’s off-road tracks on your terrain of choice while bumping, bouncing and zooming throughout the course.

ZIPLINE: Let’s go gliding!

Zip and slide down on a 100-meter zipline. Feel the wind on your face while gravity gently takes over. While riding the line, get treated to a different view on this side of the park lagoon.

MOUNTAIN BIKING: Let’s go on two wheels!

All off-road biking adventures begin here at the TRP. Whether you’re planning to ride on a short routes or lusting for that extended pedal time, the park has the trails in and around its vicinity for your training or leisure ride.

AIRSOFT: Let’s go, aim and fire!

Always wanted to play airsoft but you couldn’t afford a gun or the time to play perhaps? Worry no more! Here at the TRP, you can channel your inner Jason Bourne or Ethan Hunt with your loved ones, while paying for less and playing for more. With over 70 hectares of expense land, there surely is a site that will suit your friendly gun-battles.th a friend and a paddle.

Source: http://www.tarlacecotourism.com/

How to get to Tarlac Recreational Park?

From NLEX and SCTEX, take the Luisita exit and then follow the road leading to McArthur Highway.

Once you’ve reached Motorway Tarlac, you’ll see a Mercury Drug in between the two roads.

Take the left road (Zamora St.) and then turn left on Romulo Blvd.

After crossing the bridge above Tarlac River, turn left on Tibag Barangay Rd.

Once you’re on Tibag Baragay Rd., take the first left. Continue for about 2-3 more kilometers and you’ll see signs leading to Tarlac Recreational Park.

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Tips for you

  • If you’re going to try the dune buggy, highly recommend wearing a face mask and sunglasses to protect your face and eyes against the elements.
  • While there are certain parts dedicated to the dune buggies, most parts of the trail are shared with mountain bikers. Be aware of your surroundings to avoid collisions or accidents.
  • For less adventurous folks, there is kayaking and pools where you can relax. You can also do some fishing in the beautiful lagoon of the park.
    Things to do
  • The trail is full of sand, soil and dust.If you ride during the wet season, you’ll get a free mud bath.


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just two hours away from Metro Manila, Tarlac offers a budget and eco-friendly that suits all ages... complete with an oval with auditorium, an olympic size pool, a kiddie pool, boating and biking area, ATV, and more... the best park is that you can camp for the night and continue the fun the next day :)

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