Talat Khuadin Market

Attraction Khua Din Market Vientiane Laos Published on: 13-11-2015

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The Talat Khuadin Market offers great foods, fresh products and meats, as well as flowers, tobacco and other assorted goods.

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Why Talat Khuadin Market is special ?

The area around Khua Din and adjacent Talat Sao markets is probably the busiest market area around Vientiane. With the city’s main bus terminal situated in between, it is a lively hub of non-stop commercial interchange of people and goods.The market is famous to both tourists and locals is Talat Sao.

Made up of several connecting multi-level buildings in a not so organized or visually pleasing way, it’s more modern sections can be entered from the city’s famous Lane Xang Avenue and around the corner on Khu Vieng Road. Once you walk through the modern mall-like section, you’ll find yourself navigating along narrower and narrower paths where stores begin to blend into crowed stalls with open gutters along your path and you’ll know that you’ve found yourself now in the original traditional market section of the labyrinth.

Source: https://dwharlow.wordpress.com/

What to explore at Talat Khuadin Market?

If you’re looking for where the locals really shop and where prices are even lower still, exit the back side of Talat Sao, cross the wide but busy Nongbone Road over to Khua Din market.

Part of the fun of going to Khua Din market is finding the hidden entrance into the dark caverness interior.

Through the alley passed the smoking grilled meats and innards, steaming pots of spicy soups and vegetables curiously followed by tables of silver jewelry vendors, the market opens into piles among piles of textiles. Cottons, wools, silks, weaved, embellished – it’s all here by the bolt.

Source: Source: https://dwharlow.wordpress.com/

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Khua Din Market Vientiane Laos

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Tips for you

  • The “drive-in” entrance to Khua Din is also off of Nongbone Street and can be just as difficult to find with all the cars, trucks, motorbikes, tuk-tuks
  • You’ll be pleased with the somewhat cheaper prices of silks, wood carvings and trinkets.


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Folksy market is located in the center of Vientiane. Clothing not only their food, I asked to household goods. There is also a cut margin of the barber corner, such as beauty salon not only cafeteria was technology sufficient 10,000kip and cheap. And fun to watch even gathered the first time in its trade suppliers to purchase from local cities, towns, villages of Laos is in contact also in adjacent bus terminal by a single road to Taratosao east.

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